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sex love joy episode 3: gg renee

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In this episode of Sex Love Joy, I interview independent author, blogger and creativity coach GG Renee. We talk about about how she came to do this work, quietude, her struggles with her mother, how being more of herself changed her relationship & how she parents, making mistakes and much more.

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About GG Renee

GG Renee Hill is an independent author, blogger and creativity coach based in the DC area. Through her blog, books and self-discovery courses, she explores all the many layers that make women the beautiful contradictions that they are. She believes in multiple soul mates and love as a religion. She believes in self-love and vulnerability and acceptance. She believes that forgiveness makes life peaceful and gratitude — true, deep down, tear jerking gratitude — is life changing.

Her content resonates with introspective women who crave meaning and absorb life deeply. GG Renee’s mission is to inspire her readers to channel their complex feelings into creative expression.