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sex love joy episode 10: leela sinha

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Speaker, coach and consultant Leela Sinha talks with me about all things pleasure. From pleasure being our first knowing and how clothes should feel to movement being pleasure and her desires that make her feel guilty. Towards the end she dives deep into the word intensive as a noun; a definition, way of living and coaching that she is developing. If you want more pleasure this episode gives you all the permission you need to attain it.

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About Leela Sinha

Leela loves pleasure and loves intensity, and thinks, like much of life, they are better together. She helps intensives thrive by claiming pleasure as their core and growing a life from there.
She also loves mangoes, chocolate ganache, dancing in warm rain, swimming in the ocean, velvet, sandwashed silk, exquisite meals, long moonlit cuddles, trees, and connecting with people.

Leela is available for coaching, consulting, workshops, and speaking.
You can read more and sign up for her 30 day pleasure project at
She can also be found at