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sex love joy episode 9: syn delano

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In this episode of Sex Love Joy, I interview journalist, Syn Delano. We talk about how she always knew that traditional monogamous relationships weren’t for her and how she’s worked with her partner to create their own version of love & family. In this episode of Sex Love Joy Syn also shares her thoughts on no strings attached sex, honesty, loyalty, slut shaming and much much more.

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About Syn Delano

Syn Delano is a purple onion! Her eclectic layers include being the mother of a precocious and amazing 5 year old, wife to the universal yin of her yang, and budding entrepreneur of The Thirteenth Floor Publishing Group. Coming from a family of artists, her specific talent was displayed in her writing. It eventually led to blogging, freelance writing/editing of several online and Atlanta based magazines and now, the creation of her artistic publishing company. When she isn’t busy building her brand, she’s writing about how she sees the world, engaging in life’s many pleasures, exploring the unknown, and enjoying the little things that are so easy to overlook during the daily hustle.