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sex love joy episode 16: hasnaa part 1

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In this episode of Sex Love Joy, I interview ascension guide Hasnaa. She shares her thoughts about sexual energy, misconceptions about soul mates, calling your power back and much more.  Connect with Hasnaa: Twitter // Instagram

About Hasnaa

Raised by two parents who are spiritual teachers, Maryam Hasnaa At-Tauhidi has been immersed in a world of mysticism, ceremony and celebration since before she was born. She found her calling teaching others how to embody their higher self and their soul’s purpose. She is a alchemist who uses esoteric teachings about plants, flowers, and roots to create tools for divine attunement. She is an Ascension Guide who teaches nature based mysticism. Born an Empath and a clairsentient, she has learned the importance of living in alignment with one’s intuition and most authentic self. Maryam Hasnaa uses her abilities to remind people of the vibrational, energetic nature of this universe.

The key elements of her teachings are based on her depth of knowledge and lived experiences within a diverse range of spiritual and wellness practices. She is an authority in metaphysics, spiritual law, ceremony, ritual, reincarnation and meditation. She specializes in helping people honor their soul contracts and their pre-birth plan. Hasnaa incorporates ancient knowledge as well as cutting edge information to intuitively create a program for her students that will awaken their potential and create deep transformational healing.

In the mystical tradition, the name Maryam was connected with being a healer. Anyone who was born with this name was considered to be a healing agent. The name Hasnaa in Arabic means Beauty. It refers to a type of divine beauty that comes from ones inner light. The name Tauhidi refers to the concept in Sufism of Universal Oneness.

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