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sex love joy episode 19: paul herron

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In this episode of Sex Love Joy, Paul Herron of Sky Blue Press reveals the truth about Anais Nin’s sexual life, her jealousy and her relationship with her father. Paul reveals how the diaries came to be published and Rupert Pole’s role in publishing the unexpurgated diaries. Paul also gets personal about how Anais Nin’s life and writing changed his life. And much more! Connect with Paul: Website // Bookstore // Twitter // Podcast

About Paul and Sky Blue Press

Sky Blue Press was conceived in 1996 when its editor, Paul Herron, had accumulated nearly 500 pages of work from more than 60 contributors for the book Anais Nin: A Book of Mirrors, an anthology of reactions to Nin’s life and work. Instead of letting a university press editor perform the inevitable surgery to the manuscript, Herron decided to publish it himself.

The result is a timeless classic containing the writings of Erica Jong, Allen Ginsberg, Sharon Spencer, Deena Metzger, among many others, as well as an ex-con pornographer from England, a medical doctor who’d placed an ad “looking for Anais” in the personals, as well as some of Anais’s foes.

Since then, Sky Blue Press has published the works of Stéphane Mallarmé, Daisy Aldan, Sharon Spencer, Benjamin Franklin V, Barbara Kraft, Britt Arenander, and most importantly, Anais Nin herself in the form of the long-lost original version of The Winter of Artifice. It has produced the annual A Café in Space: The Anais Nin Literary Journal since 2003, having the privilege of publishing the only journal dedicated to Nin in the world today. Its contributors include many Nin luminaries and scholars, and those who have been influenced by Nin, including Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander. Beginning in late 2009, Sky Blue Press has been digitally publishing Anais Nin’s fiction and has published the anthology entitled The Portable Anais Nin.

In 2013, Sky Blue Press partnered with Swallow Press and is bringing out Mirages: The Unexpurgated Diary of Anais Nin, 1939-1947, the first such diary since 1996. The book is available both in print and digital versions.

Sky Blue Press’s motto is “Preserving Literature as Art” because there are few publishers today whose main focus is on the content and its presentation, rather than the bottom line. Only work worthy of the mission makes it to our title list.

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