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Sex Love Joy is an interview series in which special guests reveal intimate details about how they discovered their own unique paths to feminine wholeness. Each month, I bring you unfiltered, transparent, and authentic conversations around sexuality and relationships. Thriving ain’t easy but adding a little Sex Love Joy to your day makes living a whole lot juicier.

What you can expect from Sex Love Joy…

  • a new episode available the last Monday of every month at 11am EST
  • guests that are passionate about living their truths
  • intimate, laid back, friendly and often funny conversations
  • the rest I am leaving up to chance & where the questions lead
  • and yes! talk about sex, love, joy but not always all three

How you can subscribe to Sex Love Joy…

Because we all have our own preferences and the digital devices we use vary so greatly, I’ve made sure to put Sex Love Joy on every major platform to serve you better.

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You can also visit the show archives page to learn more about show guests and read highlights of each interview.