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Whether I’m speaking to a small group of mothers, or to hundreds of sexually adventurous people, my message is not just about my personal story, but about everyone’s story: pleasure is a birthright.

I speak to audiences about how to… create passionate relationships that last, have sex that fulfills & empowers, thrive as a woman while raising a family and much more. I am also known for playing well with others on panels and effectively co-leading workshops.

Intimate groups of twenty-four or less are my jam. But all my workshops and talks are suitable for large audiences too. I am at my best when I am teaching and speaking truths about all things Sex Love Joy.

My strength as a speaker is: inviting the audience to share in my experiences while teaching them skills that they can instantly apply to better themselves, and their world.

I am available for: conference panels, hosting events, keynotes, lectures, media appearances, private events, readings, storytelling and workshops.

Expertise: sexuality, relationships, motherhood and feminine wholeness.

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Anaïs Nin Podcast – Available on iTunes

Episode 21: Auletris Anaïs Nin’s Lost Erotica Part 2

Release Date: October 18, 2016

We are celebrating the publication of the new collection of Anaïs Nin’s new book! Listen as The Anaïs Nin Podcast gathers some dynamic experts who discuss the long-lost collection of original Anaïs Nin erotica, Auletris, which is being published today.

My guests—erotica writer, reader and popular podcaster Rose Caraway; women’s sexuality expert Anaín Bjorkquist; erotic writer and publisher Lana Fox; and Nin scholar Jessica Gilbey—have all read Auletris and give their reactions. It is a lively, sometimes hilarious and yet serious discussion of Anaïs Nin’s demolishment of taboo, poetic descriptions of even the most forbidden topics, the effect her erotica has on the reader, and the standing it has in the world of literature. And featured in this podcast is Rose Caraway reading from Auletris.

This is a must-listen for any fan of Anaïs Nin, erotic fiction, or both.

Listen here.


Bloom Retreat – Walnut Creek, CA

That Good Love – A Workshop Exploring Sex & Connection

Friday, February 26, 2016

Do you ever feel stuck when you think about expressing your bedroom desires to your partner? Do you love sex in the moment, but have a hard time getting there in the first place? Do you lack sexual confidence, desire, or experience? In this workshop we will focus on helping you get exactly what you want in the bedroom, and building the communication skills to do so.

This is an intimate and collaborative experience for only 15 women. We will share, laugh and learn. Imagine a night out with your girlfriends talking about sex, love and everything in between, only with an expert present who can guide you in a new way. After discussion and lecture, there will be plenty of time for Q&A.


Sex Nerd Sandra

Episode #205: Sex and Racial Justice

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Aida Manduley, Anaîn Bjorkquist and Cindy Lee Alves Executive Members of WOCSHN (Women of Color Sexual Health Network) break down what racial justice is and what the heck race has to do with sex.

The Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WOCSHN) is a group of women, both domestic and international, with a focus on the sexual and reproductive health needs of women of color.

WOCSHN creates opportunities for the inclusion of women of color in the field of sexuality, sexology, and sexual health; challenges the White supremacy these fields were built upon. We task our colleagues to recognize we exist as thriving experts and support our legacy in the field.

This working group began at the 41st Annual AASECT Conference by 18 women of color attendees from various backgrounds but similar passions.


Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino – VoiceAmerica Variety Channel

Advancing Racial Justice in Sex Ed

Friday, October 23, 2015

In this special addition of the show, recorded at CatalystCon, sex educators Cindy Lee Alves, Anain Bjorkquist, and Aida Manduley talk about their work with the Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WOCSHN). We talk about respectability politics, advancing racial justice in sex education, and expanding awareness of how race intersects with sexuality. Find out what people are not talking about in the field of sexuality as well as tips for white educators who want to be allies and take a more intersectional approach to their work.


Nourish & Nosh – New York, NY

Let’s Chat About Vanilla Sex

Saturday, September 26, 2015

What does vanilla sex even mean? Is it synonymous with unadventurous sex? Is there such a thing as “normal” sex?

In this talk Anaín will discuss the ins and outs of vanilla sex. She will help you gain a deeper understanding about your authentic sexual tastes. Anaín will teach you the one thing that everyone should learn from the kink community. Come with your questions, concerns, curiosities and an open mind. Leave empowered about your sexuality, ready to explore your desires and with skills to make everyday sex satiating.


Center for Sex and Culture – San Francisco, CA

Folsom Week Publishing Panel

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Come learn more about queer/sexy/kinky publishing in this panel discussion with leading experts in the field! Whether you’re a reader, a fan, an aspiring writer, or a sex educator who’d like to connect with your public through the written word, you’ll find this group of publishing pros full of insight into the process of getting writing to its audience. Cosponsored by Archer Magazine, CSC, San Francisco Sex Information and Folsom Street Events.

Amy Middleton, Archer Magazine, Australia
Janet Hardy, Greenery Press
Race Bannon, Daedalus Publishing
L. Montanarelli, Author and Freelance Editor
Anaín Bjorkquist, Writer and Sex + Relationship Coach
Carol Queen, moderator & host


CatalystCon West – Burbank, CA

Sharing Your Sex Life on the Page and the Stage

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Whether on the page, stage or podcast, sharing personal sex stories means making public what’s often deemed private and inviting audiences to read, hear—and judge. What are the biggest challenges and rewards of airing our “dirty” laundry? How do we decide which sex stories are worth telling? Is there such a thing as TMI? How can we be deeply honest while honoring others’ boundaries (and having ours respected)? How can we tie our lives into what’s happening in the larger world and further social and political change? Is writing about your sex life different than sharing it live or via podcast? This panel will explore what it’s like to invite readers, listeners and audiences inside our bedrooms, and beyond. Featuring Anaín Bjorkquist, sex educator and host of the Sex Love Joy podcast, Gaby Dunn, writer, comedian, YouTuber and co-host of web series Just Between Us, and Dixie de la Tour, founder, host and curator of long-running live storytelling show Bawdy Storytelling. Moderated by Rachel Kramer Bussel, Philadelphia City Paper and DAME sex columnist and author of the personal essay collection Sex & Cupcakes.


CatalystCon West – Burbank, CA

Advancing Racial Justice in Sexuality Education

Friday, September 11, 2015

It’s time to wake up, America, and stay woke. Our work as sexuality professionals is deeply necessary and has revolutionary potential. So how can we ensure we are actually sowing the seeds of social change? This pre-con will offer participants a range of tools for working more effectively towards racial justice in the field of sexuality. Racial justice refers to a wide range of ways in which groups and individuals struggle to change laws, policies, practices and ideas that reinforce and perpetuate racial disparities. The struggle for racial justice must address the ongoing practices that perpetuate these disparities and actively seek to dismantle them. This workshop provides a balance of self-reflection opportunities with engaging learning activities and deeper intersectional analysis of how racial justice and sexuality connect in contemporary social justice movements. The goal? To make a difference through our work without leaving communities in the dust.


Online Workshop

More Pleasure Less Shame

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Join Anaín Bjorkquist and Jennifer Sterling for “More Pleasure Less Shame” a free online workshop to help you learn five ways to find true nourishment. In this workshop you’ll also learn:

  • why food and sex cause us to feel shame
  • how to eat for lasting pleasure
  • how to connect to pleasure outside of the bedroom
  • what to do when nothing you do fills you up

Bloom Retreat – Walnut Creek, CA

Motherhood, Marriage & Sex

Friday, July 17, 2015

At this private event, Anaín will be giving a talk on how ditching perfection is vital to making motherhood, marriage and sex more pleasurable. She will lead the group of mothers in exercises that will help them remove the blocks preventing them from accessing their desire and experiencing pleasure in their everyday lives. Anaín will reveal tips on how to develop vibrant intimacy, make more time for sex and reclaim orgasm so they can enjoy more satiating sex with their partners. This workshop will include juicy meaningful conversation, Q&A time and actionable advice. Plus, Anaín will share her personal secrets for maintaining a passionate marriage while raising children and cultivating a thriving career.


Anaïs Nin Podcast – Available on iTunes

Co-hosting Episode 5 Part 1

Release Date: June 10, 2015

Co-hosting Episode 5 Part 2

Release Date: June 17, 2015

Listeners sent Paul Herron ten questions that they would have liked to ask Anaïs Nin. In this two part podcast, with the help of Sex Love Joy podcaster Anaín Bjorkquist, we answer the questions, backed up with excerpts from Nin’ published and unpublished work, including the latest diary Mirages: The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin, 1939-1947. Anaín will be asking Paul the fan submitted questions plus, using her knowledge of Anaïs and her feminine insight to add to Paul’s answers.

Listen to Part 1 here. Listen to Part 2 here.


Sexual Health Expo – Phoenix, AZ

When Opposites Attract Workshop

Sunday, April 26, 2015

What happens when you are deeply and madly in love with someone and everything is great except the sex? If your relationship is suffering from mismatched sexual confidence or experience this workshop is for you. Anaín will discuss how getting over your hang-ups is key to showing up fully in the bedroom. She’ll offer ideas and an exercise for bridging the gap between your sexual tastes. Anaín will teach you about the three elements that are vital to maintaining a passionate relationship. She promises that you’ll walk away with tools that will help you start having sex that fulfills and heals.


Sexual Health Expo – Phoenix, AZ

Sexy Active Mom Workshop

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Anaín and Rebecca believe that inside every mom there is a sexy active soul that yearns to sexually thrive and that desires a life full of Sex Love Joy. They understand how easy it is to forget the women we are after we become mothers but they are dedicated to helping you remember. In this workshop, Anaín and Rebecca discuss the barriers that keep many moms undersexed and over stressed. They will teach moms tips for spicing up life in and beyond the bedroom. Rebecca will share the secrets she’s learned while being a single mom and working to always maintain her sexy. Anaín will share her secrets to maintaining a long-term relationship full of hot sex. Anaín and Rebecca love answering questions so bring all your questions to this one. Regardless of how long you’ve been a mom this workshop has something for you.


CatalystCon East – Washington, D.C.

Motherhood, Depression & Sex Panel

Sunday, March 29, 2015

From the moment of conception hormones begin to change women’s minds and bodies preparing them for motherhood. For women already dealing with depression these changes and the demands of motherhood can exacerbate their depression making it hard to find pleasure in life. This panel will explore the challenges that mothers with depression face while trying to retain hold of their sexuality. We’ll also discuss the internal barriers that keep many moms undersexed and over stressed. Join panelists Miko Technogeisha, GG Renee Hill, Jessica Cary and Anaín Bjorkquist as they share their first hand knowledge on how sex can help women nourish themselves, ease depression and be better mothers.


Sexual Health Expo – Los Angeles, CA

Sexy Active Mom Workshop

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Anaín believes that inside every mom there is a sexy active soul that yearns to thrive and that desires a life full of Sex Love Joy. In this workshop she will teach moms how to overcome the barriers that keep many moms undersexed and over stressed. Anaín will teach moms tips for rebuilding intimacy with their partners and recommend ways to spice up life in and beyond the bedroom. Anaín loves answering questions so bring all your questions to this one. Regardless of how long you’ve been a mom this workshop has something for you.


Lit Crawl 2014 – San Francisco, CA

Sex (Still) Spoken Here: Reading at Good Vibrations

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The tenth annual Lit Crawl, where literature hits San Francisco’s Mission District in a hot, sweet, and sticky mess of words and word-nerds. At the Good Vibrations event emceed by Carol Queen, Anaín will be reading her story, “My Desire for Women.” It is a sweet and steamy girl sex tale that was inspired by reality. This event is 21+ and starts promptly at 7:15pm.

To purchase the Sex Still Spoken Here anthology click here.