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do women expect too much from men sexually?

Sometimes I feel bad for men, well, for the ones that aren’t meeting the high standards many women have for sex. I feel bad for those men that have below average to average size penises. I feel bad for those men that have love wands that lack girth. I feel bad for the men that have boners that don’t feel all that hard. I feel bad for those men that can’t help busting quickly. I feel bad for those men that need longer to recover from their last orgasm so that they can have sex again. I feel bad for men because there are a lot of men out there that desperately want to please their women but due to one or more of the factors above seem to always fall short. I feel bad for men because it seems like there are so many more traits that women judge them for sexually than what we are judged for. Plus, the three main factors that men use to rate women sexually are all things we can easily work on to perfect or fix while the things women judge men on for the most part are difficult to change.

A man can’t easily go about changing the thickness or length of his penis but a woman can do exercises to maintain a tight kitten. Not all men can go and go and go without reaching orgasm like porn stars. In fact most men on average reach climax much sooner than women even if they are trying to hold it back. A girl that doesn’t get that wet can easily pop in Liquibeads to fake like she has that wet wet and her man wouldn’t even know. Those men that need extra recovery time before going again might not be able to get back up no matter how much he strokes it or you suck it. A woman that is not naturally skilled in the sack with enough practice and effort can become an expert.

Men and women by nature are different. Men and women do not have equal solutions when it comes to solving things that sexual partners consider shortcomings. Women can privately work on their sexual dysfunction while men don’t have that private option since many of the solutions require compromise and sex aids. If we know that it is harder for some men to reach grade A meat levels and fully satisfy their women why do we keep raising the bar instead of discussing the solutions openly with our men in a manner that isn’t going to hurt their pride but will make them comfortable about going the extra distance to help us orgasm equally?

I ask because it seems like a lot of women feel like they are entitled to a very endowed man that will freak well giving her multiple orgasms before he comes and then goes again as soon as she wants without being honest about the fact that these men aren’t the norm. I ask because I know plenty of women that are berating men for their sexual “issues” knowing they themselves are average or below average in certain sexual arenas. These same women will end courtships, relationships and even marriages without talking to their men about alternative solutions so that they can both be fully sexually satisfied. Otherwise good men are being let go and passed over again and again because of small penises, wands that don’t get extra hard, because they come quickly and the sexual reasons why go on and on.

Is this termination before exploration of solutions policy fair to our men when it is so easy for us to fix the reasons why we might get a pink slip from them?

Are women being unrealistic thinking that each and every single one of us will end up with a super skilled Mandingo?

Is it time for us ladies to be honest with ourselves and our men about applying the solutions that are readily available for us all to regularly orgasm?

Has pornography ruined real sex for both sexes?

Should women take more credit for making sure they orgasm instead of placing most of the responsibility on their men?

I’d love for both the men and women that read this post to comment because I definitely do not have all the answers. Plus, I don’t know a better way to help the many unhappy girlfriends, wives and even men that contact me wanting answers about fixing the lack of pleasure in their relationships.

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