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SSEX BBOX is an internet documentary series about sexuality that reveals some of the various sides of sexuality in our days. SSEX BBOX is filmed in different societies and cities like SÃO PAULO, BARCELONA, BERLIN AND SAN FRANCISCO. If you’re the type that lives outside of the box or defines what sexuality and gender are for yourself then you’ll enjoy this project. Get into [SSEX BBOX] by clicking the links to watch the first five episodes via Vimeo.

[SSEX BBOX] Episode 1

Traversing what a sexually healed society would look like, we delve into a dynamic and edgy investigation of guilt; shame and the social norms inhibiting our sexual freedom.

[SSEX BBOX] Episode 2

Here [SSEX BBOX] explores the cultural taboo; child sexuality. Let’s talk about children’s masturbation, parent’s reactions and the guilt and shame coupled with it.

[SSEX BBOX] Episode 3

[SSEX BBOX] talks about sex and religion. Patriarchy Society. How the Catholic Church coded and organized sins! And how religion use power to control peoples by controlling their sexuality. Am I going to hell for being gay?

[SSEX BBOX] Episode 4

We can’t talk about what’s outside of the box without taking a closer look at the box itself. Let’s get into, homophobia, hate crimes, Skinheads and religious fundamentalists groups taking over the politics in Brazil. Is Homophobia a cultural question? Do I have Internalized homophobia or I’m just fitting for survival? Does it really get better though?

[SSEX BBOX] Episode 5

Here [SSEX BBOX] examines the difference between sex, gender roles, gender identity and sexual orientation. What it means to be a woman, a man, neither, or both? Identity! “ We also examine the challenge to find gender neutral pronouns in Latin languages which use male and female labels for everything!

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