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Although I wholeheartedly believe that the terms vagina and vulva should not be mixed up and that we should make a point to use the terms properly as often as possible, I do think that projects like 101 Vagina can make a difference.

101 Vagina is a worthy project because on top of the beautiful photography in the book, that brings light the range of variation there is between women’s vulvas it also includes messages written by the women in the photographs. These messages give us insight into thoughts that women usually don’t share with others. Personally, I can’t get enough of knowing the private thoughts of others when it comes to sexuality and body image and I think the more we put out into the world, the sooner everyone will see there is not one “normal.”

Oh, I totally got ahead of myself didn’t I? Haven’t even explained to you what the 101 Vagina project is. Here’s their crowdfunding video so that you can see and hear more about it from them.

More about 101 Vagina…

 Who is the person behind 101 Vagina?

Philip Werner is a Melbourne (Australia) based photographer (, web-designer, mediator, furniture maker (, thinker, engineer, shit-stirrer and perhaps soon-to-be book publisher (

What inspired Philip to create this project?

He was first inspired by reading The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler while travelling in the USA in 2007. He was continued to be inspired by it and the organisation Eve has created, V-day, to end violence against women, along with many other similar organisations.

The idea of doing a coffee table book arose after returning to Australia and he had started doing some nude photography. He knew of no other such book and found none when searching online at the time.

How can you help make this project happen?

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