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be great at love!

It is almost Valentine’s Day! I’m so not excited! ::sighs::

I might not love the idea of Valentine’s but I won’t be a Sour Sally by writing a negative post about how I think it is a silly holiday that is a great economical boost for the flower, greeting card and chocolate industries. No, I just won’t do that and I won’t give you five tips for this or that to make your Valentine’s more romantic, sensual or exotic. Nope, won’t do that either. Instead I’ll give you one quick tip that might help you insure that the man or woman that will be your Valentine this year will be your Valentine again next year. Yes, this post is for those of you that have been in a relationship and want to keep it that way.

PAY ATTENTION – it is the little things that count most!

Paying attention to detail costs you absolutely nothing but it is priceless. Likes and dislikes they aren’t just buttons over on Youtube beneath videos they matter A LOT to him or her. It is your duty to know that although she likes all candy bars her favorite is Snickers. It is important for you know that he doesn’t like his ears kissed, nibbled or licked during foreplay. Pay attention, commit their smallest preferences, likes and dislikes to memory and act on them. You’ll amaze her next time you return from the corner store with your favorite candy bar and bring her back a Snickers too. It will make her heart smile because you got her favorite candy bar.

Where most couples go wrong is by putting emphasis on Valentine’s Day what is expected instead of what matters. We are expected to remember almost everything that he or she asked us to get from the grocery store. We always forget something don’t we? Well next time you are picking up those groceries mentally go through that list to see if there’s anything on it that you know she/he just can’t go without? If there is then make sure that no matter how many things you miss on that list you don’t forget to pick up Vitamin Water Power-C flavor that one item. It hurts if they always bring everything but the one thing you REALLY wanted.

As the months go on and on if they can’t remember that one item or care to make a mental note of the moves that make you squeal in bed what are they saying with their actions? It sure doesn’t say love in fact it says disrespect. Yes, knowing all the tiniest details of what your love likes and dislikes is equated with respecting and caring for that person. Through learning all about their preferences you’ll also grow to appreciate their idiosyncrasies. As the months become years the idiosyncrasies that nobody else understands about you or your love become part of what you love most about one another.

I hope that you have a VERY Happy Valentine’s Day just remember unlike Valentine’s Day the little things happen each and every day…giving you repeated opportunities to be great at love!

::heads to Starbucks to pick up a Mocha Grande for me and a Quad Venti Latte for him::

When I return I’d love to read some of YOUR quick tips for staying Valentine’s for a very long time…that’s a hint for you to comment

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