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how to be sexy in four easy steps

Last Wednesday, I shared a story with you and the Merriam-Webster definition of the word sexy, then I left you to ponder the question, “What makes you sexy?” If you missed that post you can read it here.

These days the word sexy describes everything and anything but for me sexy isn’t something that can be bought. Yes, the lust we feel for material things is real. Sure enough, I am extremely guilty of calling stilettos sexy when they trigger my lust or desire to possess, but high heels are not and cannot be sexy. You cannot buy the most expensive pair of stilettos and expect to be sexy. Those heels won’t make you sexy, even if you have the most ideal body wrapped in the most beautiful designer dress, and your hair, nails and everything is did.

You cannot purchase sexy!

That real sexy, that you and I want to always be is definitely not for sale. I’m sure you already knew this, especially if you are a person that is considered sexy by many or if you’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to become that sexy person in the room that awes everyone. The funniest thing is that at different points in your life, you’ve probably been both of these people. It is just like that because your sexy and my sexy is attached to variables.

The variables of sexy are:

  • your joy
  • your confidence
  • how awake your spirit is
  • your audience

If you want to be sexy, if you want to turn heads here is what you have to know, do and remember.

  • Create joy in your life. Every single day. Sexy people do things that bring them joy at least once a day. What brings you joy? Do that today. Anything else bring you joy? Do that tomorrow. Do what brings you joy often and you’ll become magnetic. If you don’t believe me then look around you and notice the people that are “chasing happiness” or talk about wanting to “be happy.” They aren’t very sexy people are they? Not that they might not be attractive looking people, it is just that desire without action can make the most attractive person very not sexy.
  • Confidence comes from action. Taking care of yourself, doing the things that bring you joy, accomplishing the things you thought you couldn’t, and even failing all build confidence. Doing all the things that you know are right for you, the things that feed your spirit and keep you healthy builds confidence. Your confidence grows with every action you take that comes from a place of self-love and self-care. Even when those actions fall short, doing something makes you feel a lot more confident than doing nothing and it awakens your spirit.
  • Your spirit shines when it is awake. The sexiest person in the room is the most awake person. The most awake person forgot about being happy a long time ago, they built confidence by doing what brought them joy and takes awesome care of themselves. The most awake person knows that knowledge is as powerful as action and they seek knowledge. They seek outer knowledge to improve themselves and they seek inner knowledge because an unexamined life is not worth living.  The most awake person has great boundaries because self-love and self-care mean that you know your worth; boundaries are the best way to make sure you are valued. The most awake person is happy to share joy, collaborate with others and helps others become awake. An awake person knows they aren’t alone; even the biggest hermits always have an audience of at least one.
  • You are your audience. You are always your company. Sometimes you are your own quiet company, at other times you are your best cheerleader and sometimes you can even be your worst critic. You are your audience everywhere you go. You know when you are walking through life asleep. You know when you aren’t taking care of yourself or being very loving to yourself. You know when your confidence plunders due to inaction and poor self-care. You know when you aren’t doing anything to cultivate joy in your life. So if you aren’t turning heads it is because you aren’t doing what your most important audience member needs to see you as sexy.

You are only as sexy as your actions.

That’s it. That’s all. Stop reading. Comments are closed. Go act sexy. Go!

© Anaín Bjorkquist January 16, 2013 ~ All Rights Reserved.

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