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hump day heat: just touch me

Do you ever feel too tired for sex? Do you ever feel like you aren’t connecting with your partner enough to follow through on sex?

Today’s hump day heat exercise might just be the cure for you.

Don’t think there isn’t a person around that doesn’t have stress in their life. This time of year it seems like all the stress of the festivities add up on top of our normal stress, then before we know it we are too tired for sex.

Sometimes the last thing I want to hear from my partner after a long day of meeting all my responsibilities, jumping over life’s hurdles and trying to find five minutes in my day to unwind – is a request to have sex. Often even on the days when I know that sex is totally what would hit the spot, allowing me to relax, feel fulfilled and fall asleep quickly, I can’t bring myself to initiate it.

Instead of trying to get yourselves in the mood, of fighting your lack of energy, of continually feeling like you and yours aren’t on the same wavelength, let it all go!

Yes, the problems, the resentment, the stress, how the kids didn’t appreciate that gourmet meal you made, the fact that your dog chewed up one of your favorite stilettos, but especially let go of any expectations for sex tonight.

I want you to get naked, get in bed and just share a session of sensual touch minus sexual expectations.

Take turns giving and receiving sensual touch. Cuddle for a couple of minutes before, after changing roles and at the end of the exercise. Thirty to forty-five minutes naked together sharing the experience of giving and receiving touch might just be exactly what y’all need to relax enough to add some much needed recharged arousal in your relationship.

 Just Touch Me Sensually Minus Sexual Expectations Exercise

You’ll need:

  • an open mind
  • your partner
  • less than 45 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time
  • your favorite private cuddling spot
  • plush warm blanket or two

The Actions…

  • Decide what order you’ll give and receive in.
  • Lovers fully undress then get into your private cozy cuddling spot. Yes, your bed works great!
  • Before starting cuddle for a minute or two.
  • Receiver you only have two responsibilities during this exercise receive touch and give your love mindful feedback about what you like or dislike about how they are touching you.
  • The giver goes towards the foot of the bed to initiate the touch process.
  • Giver it is your job to start touching (not massaging) your love’s front side from toe to head.
  • Giver once you’ve gotten to your love’s head have them turn on their stomach and touch their backside from head to toe.
  • Giver continue to touch your partner until you’ve spent at least ten minutes but no more than fifteen minutes touching them.
  • After the 10-15 minutes spoon your partner for 2-5 minutes.
  • Change roles and new giver repeats the giving sequence above, ending with another 2-5 minutes of cuddling/spooning.
  • If you both become aroused enough for sex and want to follow through that’s perfectly fine but it is totally okay if you don’t want to have sex or don’t become aroused.

Now go out there beautiful ones and do your homework!

And don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook/Twitter because honestly, who can’t use a little more sex, love, joy in their lives?

© Anaín Bjorkquist December 5, 2012 ~ All Rights Reserved.

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