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live boldly like a child

Somewhere along the path between when we wished upon a star and when we started making New Year’s resolutions we stopped living boldly like children do. Most children only know living through dreaming…no matter how great now is they still have a voice that tells them that tomorrow while be even better. Those children grow start living in the now and when that voice speaks it screams of the limits that tomorrow brings. Most adults only know living through limiting…no matter how great now is they still have a voice that cautions them that tomorrow is not promised and right now possibly is as good as it gets.

Embrace the truth of living —- we all are in many ways afraid of living and that fear is just part of this life. Yet, we do not have to accept what is true nor must we let the truth haunt our living. Children unlike us adults question authority, they talk back, and they resiliently push forward beyond their circumstances because they believe tomorrow will be better. Children have nothing to lose —- when you have nothing to lose there is little to fear about living. Living as boldly as a child requires that the inner voice either become your hopeful friend once again or it must be silenced.

This girl who makes no resolutions stands here before you willing to share the actions that she is taking with her into this new year to hush the voice. You can apply them as resolutions if you are into that or you can just accept them as part of living as I do.

  • BE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE – strenuous physical activity quiets the inner voice quickly, it makes you strong and it is ideal for the health of your heart. In a time when heart disease is the number one killer of women becoming physically active is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Train for that 5K walk/run, half marathon or full marathon. Get that yoga instructor certification you always wanted. Compete in that fitness competition or take up ballroom dancing. The voice will not have time to speak if you are often busy enjoying your favorite physical activity.
  • LEARN SOMETHING NEW – when we are focused on learning and new thoughts are flowing into our minds there is little room for the voice to speak. The scary inner voice fears the new so it will hide only popping up from time to time to tell you that you can’t and won’t learn but the more you enjoy and progress in you new activity the less the voice will rear it’s ugly head. Learning something new not only keeps the voice quiet but it also helps you conquer what the voice fears most about living…failing.
  • FAIL OFTEN AND FAIL LOUDLY – There is nothing more the voice fears than failure. Failing means you tried. Failing means you didn’t listen to the voice when it told you to stop. Failing isn’t so bad once you’ve failed enough and subsequently picked yourself up you’ll realize that failing is more enjoyable than never trying. In failing the inner voice has no voice. It won’t even, “I told you so, ” because the purpose of the voice was preventing you from trying. In doing you win even when you fail. Celebrate your failures loudly! Let your failures be transparent so that others can speak about your failures loud enough for their inner voices to hear. There isn’t one success story that doesn’t involve failing so why would yours be any different?

In the days when you wished upon a star and you just knew that no matter how bad today was tomorrow would just be better there was a different voice speaking to you. Well, tomorrow is a the first day of a new year…

…And as the sun sets on another calendar year let it also set on the voice leading you away from what could be! Let what it speaks not be your truth as you head into the dawn of a new year and DO all it takes to quiet the voice until it learns to speak to you as it did back in the day.

I truly appreciate you reading, sharing your thoughts in the comments, sending me the emails, all the Retweets, Facebook shares, Facebook likes but what I ESPECIALLY appreciate is y’all making me feel a little less odd for being the woman I am. THANKS, for accepting my journey as it is even when we disagree in how we choose to travel down life’s path.

I hope you are also spending your New Year’s Eve with those you love the most and that the new year ushers in more LIVING for us than the one behind us!

I’ll see you in MMXI!

© Anaín Bjorkquist December 29, 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved.

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