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marilyn monroe on sexuality

marilyn monroe on sexuality…

Marilyn Monroe is someone that many find intriguing, including myself. She is loved for her beauty and sensuality. In this recording of her last interview she speaks about her feelings on being considered a sex symbol and shares her thoughts on sexuality.

There were a few things that she said that really stuck with me but what stuck most was this quote…

I think that sexuality is only attractive when it is natural and spontaneous, that is where a lot of them miss the boat.

Sexuality should always be natural and spontaneous and people do miss the boat when they try to force their sexuality. It doesn’t matter if you are forcing it into the closet or forcing to liberate sexuality that isn’t ready to blossom spontaneously.

I believe that, the best way to create that natural and spontaneous sexuality that is attractive is to let go of expectations and simply be sexual, with ourselves and with our partners without thinking about what sex should be or feel like.

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