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monogamy is NOT for me!

If you know me well you definitely know that I beat to my own drum. I must have been around 11 when I began to stop caring what others thought of me. I was 16 when I KNEW I was pretty much over the edge of not caring anymore and my mouth became looser with the truth. I was 19 when losing what until then was my biggest dream made me completely not give a fuck at all what the rest of the world thought of me because life is truly too short. So, what am I ranting about today? Specifically, I’m going to address open relationships but before I do I have to introduce a band to you that I’m sure you already know…in fact, you might be a band member that took a wrong turn and ended up on this heathen right here’s site.

There is very old band, Them and They, who have some of the worst hits of all time:

“You can’t do that! That’s impossible!”

“If it isn’t the way we interpret it to be in our religion it is just WRONG!”

“You’re different we want to kill you or break you so you will kill yourself!”

Those are some of Them and They’s greatest hits which I am sure you’ve heard before. Them and They, are the reasons why you and I cannot live the life that the Divine Creator and Celestial Planning Committee intended for us to live. Or can we? This sorry band plays their tunes so often and so loud that their propaganda is seen as the ONLY truth. Is it the TRUTH or can we make up our own truth? Living your best life to me means creating your own truth but that’s not an easy task at all if you are a fan of, Them and They.

Now, that I’ve touched on, Them and They, let’s talk about a series of emails bashing my lifestyle that one of the band members sent me. Over here you’ll find a post where I admitted to having sex with a woman and here is a post about my spouse and I swinging. Them and They’s representative followed me on Twitter until she read those posts. She wrote me to tell me how immoral I was, how my actions would scar my children, and how I contributed to ruining other marriages with my polyamorous attitude. Remember I said I don’t care what folks think about me? I don’t but I do care that people like this want to SHAME others into falling in line with some agenda that someone else decided should be how everyone should live. Miss me with that shit!

I am currently NOT a Swinger. Have I swung? Yes. Is that polyamory. Yes. I think it falls in line with the definition perfectly. Polyamory, swinging whatever you want to label it…practiced properly can be a beautiful thing. There is this one couple I know who I will call M&B that have one of the most loving honest and successful relationships I have ever seen. Do they both have sex with other people? YES. The wife is free to have sex with both men and women. The husband loves him some new pussy. Do they still have a strong sexual bond with one another? YES! The most important part of their relationship is the amount of respect that they have for one another and for their rules. Yes, I met some messed up couples who swing but like in everything there are those who do things for authentic reasons and those who do it for only their own benefit without thinking about the other person involved.

Am I immoral for having swung or having bisexual sex? In my eyes and in MY God’s eyes No. In my head my God values honesty and acts of kindness THE MOST. In my eyes I’m winning on both counts. I’ve lied and I’ve been unkind but compared to some of the most “moral” fuckers out there I bet my honesty and kindness goes a lot further. This is probably the most all over the place post you’ve read here and I apologize…I am SICK of Them and They! Besides, I don’t sit here and put arguments together with perfect little introductions, supporting paragraphs and a banging conclusion for y’all. I’ll leave that to the bloggers trying to sell you their agendas…I’m letting you into my insane mind and sharing my ToxicEuphoria with you while trying to figure out how to have a perfect balance of SexLoveJoy in my life.

Yes, SexLoveJoy…that’s tattooed on me and it is what I want MOST from this world. Does it mean that I think it is okay for husbands and wives to have sex outside of their marriages? IF everyone involved knows what the rules are then YES! When I die I don’t want to regret not doing Danny Dickem Down or not loving my man enough to be honest about it. Honesty is intoxicating and the amount of freedom and JOY it brings is huge. You can sit over there and judge me and I expect you to do that because I know most of us grew up listening to the greatest hits of Them and They.

Yet, it isn’t for you to decide how others should or shouldn’t live…it is for you to live YOUR LIFE!

You only have your one life to live! If you are lucky enough to be a parent you get to influence the lives of your children and they’ll gain the best of you and their other parent and build something greater off of that. That’s all you get Homie.

© Anaín Bjorkquist October 27, 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved.

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