Anaín Bjorkquist

he likes new pussy. she likes new dick. so what?

Until the end of time arrives some men will continue to chase new pussy until they don’t want to get into new pussy anymore. Their egos become temporarily bloated because a new she gave into him. Their penises thank them each and every time they deliver new satin walls to play in. Plainly said those men enjoy the chase and triumph in the conquest. We know this because most men are open about what fuels their promiscuity yet the reasons given for why women are promiscuous are hidden and/or clouded in misjudgment.

A promiscuous woman has emotional issues or might have been abused why else would she want new dick? She’s just a ho.

Oh, it is a cruel world that promotes double standards. Men are expected, encouraged and praised for being promiscuous while women that do the same are considered to be broken. While I am willing to admit that some women ::coughs:: and some men ::coughs:: that are sexually promiscuous do it for the wrong reasons the majority that I know are not broken. In fact, there are ladies that enjoy making men succumb to their sexual prowess they also pursue a sexually promiscuous lifestyle because they enjoy the conquest just as much as new pussy chasing men do. Then there are the others…

…The ones that live for the anticipation of sex with a new lover and the joy that getting to know him sexually brings. Thoughts and questions rush into her head. What is he going to look like naked? How will his skin feel on hers? What will his reaction be when she pleasures him? She attains happiness from giving him pleasure. The new lover brings with him many firsts, plenty of worlds to discover and orgasms that are unique to him. In bed between this promiscuous woman and her new lover sits anticipation a bittersweet high that fades as each first becomes an again. The more he hits the harder it is to achieve the high of that first time. He could be doin’ it and doin’ it and doin’ it well but if he can’t keep delivering firsts her mind will check out as soon as he gets in the zone. Time for a new drug because she knows that there isn’t a spot on this green earth that “Doin’ It Again” will ever equal “Doin’ It”!

He likes new pussy. The promiscuous woman likes new dick. The girl down the street chases romance. And what’s your thing?!?

These promiscuous women that love the joy that sex with a new man brings aren’t the traditional “bed hoppers” that fuck new men in hopes of finally trapping a man with their “good” pussy. No, these promiscuous women are less like that neighborhood ho and more like the girl from church that jumps into a new relationship after the romantic love phase stalls in her last one. Yes, the woman that switches relationships chasing the high of romance is no different than the woman that goes after new dick for the high of passion. These two types of women share the same struggle – the need to keep things fresh, new and ideal. Now you’re telling me that they both in fact might be broken women? Yes, they chase what they seek and don’t stop chasing because they haven’t found what they want, yet. How does that make them broken if men chasing new pussy doesn’t make them broken?

What men who chase new pussy are broken too? Look I am no expert on what constitutes as a broken person but I am an expert on the butterflies, the joy and pleasure that uncovering all the layers of a new lover brings! Anticipation of the new is one hell of a drug and some of us prefer being high to settling for the same sex we had last week, last month, last year or a decade ago. Dammit we aren’t broken! We are seekers! That man will seek new pussy until he finds satin walls perfect enough for his penis to call home. That woman will seek romantic love in relationships until she meets that man that speaks her love language. And…

…I will seek until I discover that lover that knows how to bring out what’s been in me for far too long. You can call me broken or ho until then just don’t expect me to answer.

© Anaín Bjorkquist January 24, 2011 ~ All Rights Reserved.

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