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Sugar IN your vagina is a NO NO! Here are 3 quick reasons why…

Last night when both my Twitter and Facebook streams overflowed with comments about one of the Housewives of Atlanta recommending sugar IN the vagina to make it taste sweet I wanted to crawl under a rock. After, the show went off the sugar in the vagina comments continued with actual intelligent women pondering putting sugar up into their va-jay-jays! That has to be the absolutely WORST advice you can give a woman!

Why? Well here are three reasons why you shouldn’t ever put sugar, or many other things, in your vagina:

  1. Yeast Thrives On Sugar! Yeast and some good bacteria are always present in the vagina. They are there to do their jobs and keep our cookies nice and healthy. Changes in the count of healthy bacteria, increased pH, hormonal fluxes, increased heat and moisture, allergic reactions, AND elevated sugar levels can trigger full BLOWN yeast infections. When I say elevated sugar levels…I’m not talking about from putting it in your vagina…I’m referring to elevated sugar levels a high sugar diet causes. You don’t have to take my word for it, click here to learn more about yeast infections from Uncle Google.
  2. For Novelty Use Only! Did you know that many of the products we can buy at the sex shops are novelty items? The words, “for novelty use only” are printed on these items to protect the manufacturers just in case through the use of these products something happens to YOU! In fact if anything does happen to you they will tell YOU, that they didn’t expect you to actually use their product like that. If the manufacturer’s of some of these products are protecting themselves maybe you should too? Boys and girls, please don’t be fooled check your condoms, dildos, vibrators, lubes, this, that and the other thing you are pondering buying to use as a sex aid. Again, don’t take my word for it click here to read @mysexprofessor’s post about Novelty Sex Toys.
  3. Your partner wants to taste pussy not sugar! I am speaking for all of us who actually eat pussy, if we are doing it believe we want to taste YOU not some sugar you shoved up there. Your significant other is turned on by the natural taste of your vagina and that’s what he/she went down to taste and expects to taste. Ladies, if you have never tasted your own juices your vagina should be almost tasteless, in fact a healthy vagina is odorless, tasteless and produces the perfect colorless, tasteless, odorless lubricant. If I am going down on a woman and I taste STRAIGHT up sugar without knowing she put it up there…I will lose my train of thought and worry that my partner might have problems with diabetes. It will ruin the night. I am FOR SURE that ALL those who go down on women WANT, ENJOY and YEARN for the taste of a woman not a packet of sugar. Don’t take my word for it ask your man why he loves to eat you out!

Ladies, those women on the Housewives shows are all as ignorant as they come. I’m sorry to judge them but when I’ve tried to watch my ovaries almost shriveled up on me. I can’t believe one of them suggested sugar in the vagina?!? Maybe something is wrong with hers if it tastes funny?!?

If you want to experiment in the bedroom I suggest you buy these things from a reputable brand. I personally LOVE Kama Sutra! I’ve been a fan of them since the mid ’90s. Personally, I like the paints, body powders and when in a relationship ya best believe their bedside box has always been at my bedside. Click here to visit their site.

Remember one thing ladies, if you love sex it is your responsibility to educate YOURSELF on it. Don’t take the advice of any of your girls, lovers, or even my advice…seek the answers to your questions because it is YOUR body!

That is all for now.

© Anaín Bjorkquist November 2, 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved.

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