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Hiya! Happy Hump Day.

Today, I have for you a short story and something for you to ponder.

The story: Have you ever had someone use the textbook definition of a word against you when you were trying to make a point? Or have you ever read the definition of a word and felt totally deflated because you felt that the definition should have more punch?

Both happened to me recently. The worst part was that it happened when I was having yet another conversation with my sons about the use of the word sexy. My youngest loves to call everything sexy. Loves to say he’s sexy. He can’t stop, won’t stop using the word sexy and since he’s been back in public school it has been getting worse.

I was cooking and my Kings were sitting around the kitchen island chatting about some video game when the youngest says something about some weapon in the game being sexy. I pipe in to say that everything isn’t sexy, that he shouldn’t use that word to describe just anything. As I’m midstream making a point my oldest – the loves to be right teen – asks if he can interrupt me for a minute to say something.

He walks over to me, smartphone in hand and he reads the definition of sexy from his Merriam-Webster app as he points.


1 : sexually suggestive or stimulating : erotic

2 : generally attractive or interesting : appealing <a sexy stock>

My son used the textbook definition of a word against me. Yes, he did. And yes, he was almost right because he went on to point out that if his brother thought that the weapon was attractive or interesting that his use of the word was correct. Ladies and gentlemen my child trying to read me via reading a definition?!

What I pointed out to my son is that the second definition started with the word generally, which meant that to use that definition whatever being called sexy had to be “commonly” accepted as sexy by others.

And he said, “Well a lot of my friends think that weapon he was talking about is the sexiest one in that game.”

Score that day was… Teen: 1 Mom: 0

I had to allow him his moment. He was right so I left it alone and didn’t proceed to tell him that…

It is a very sad time when children think that just about anything, including video game weapons, can be sexy. The word sexy has lost all meaning in our society. The stock of the word sexy plummeted because our society has used sex to sell us everything and anything. Sexy clothes, sexy cars, sexy yogurt, sexy beer, sexy couches…

So if you fill your life with sexy material things, live in sexy surroundings, and behave in sexy ways are you sexy?

Please ponder: What makes you sexy?

And also think about: If you could only use the word sexy to describe a list of ten ideas, actions, people, places, or things what would be on your top ten list?

Think about these but don’t answer below in the comments until you read, “how to be sexy in four easy steps.”

In that post, I will describe to you what the definition of sexy means to me – a definition that you’ll likely appreciate if you are grown and sexy.

© Anaín Bjorkquist January 9, 2013 ~ All Rights Reserved.

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