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It is officially National Masturbation Month!

Time to start jilling and jacking off like mad!

Yes, May is National Masturbation Month but if you didn’t know you aren’t the only one because many Americans aren’t aware about it either. If you’d like to find out about how May became National Masturbation Month there is an article here that explains how it all came about (no pun intended).

Today, I bring to you videos and more information from one of my favorite fellow sex educators, Jayme Waxman, that will help those of you with male parts improve your jacking off.

Jamye Waxman on Toys for Boys…

This weekend after I presented with two others about polyisoprene condoms, I had the pleasure of watching Jamye and another sex educator give an energizing and detailed presentation on the topic of toys for boys. Their presentation focused on the pros and cons of the Cobra Libre, the Man Eater by Big Teaze and the Screaming O Vibrating Ring.

Jamye explained that the Cobra Libre is a waterproof, rechargeable vibrating masturbation sleeve, manufactured by Fun Factory. She detailed that it has dips and ridges on the inside of the sleeve that add stimulation to the frenulum of the penis, while two independently vibrating motors provide a variety of pulsation and massaging sensations. Jamye did mention that although the Cobra Libre is a great masturbation sleeve it will not fit the head of every penis out there.

You can watch Jamye ‘s previous reviews of the other two sex toys for men that the presentation focused on right here.

Jamye Waxman reviews the Man Eater…

Jamye Waxman reviews the Screaming O Vibrating Ring…

You can read more of Jamye’s recommendations for sex toys for men here. And just because Jamye is a woman unafraid of helping men figure out what kind of sex toys are best for them for jacking off, don’t assume she’s not also an authority about women’s pleasure. Jamye has written a whole book on women and masturbation! Her book, Getting Off, is for any woman who wants to know how to get herself off, and for anyone interested in learning a little more about the wide world of masturbation.

Jamye is one of the most awesome people I’ve met this year and she’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things sexuality. Whether she’s teaching about love and relationships or masturbation and sex toys she really knows her topics. There are many reasons why I am a fan of Jamye but one of my favorite reasons to love her is that she lives by a truth that every woman should incorporate into her living…

poor is the woman whose pleasure depends on the permission of others

She has this truth tatted on her and she is teaching people everywhere how to live by it with each podcast she records, every book she authors, each film she makes and every workshop she teaches.

I hope that this post has encouraged those of you not already familiar with Jamye Waxman to learn more about her and her empowering work. Her website, her Facebook fan page and her Twitter page (@jamye) are great ways to connect with Jamye.

Tomorrow I will bring to you an article about toys for jilling off but until then you can read my post: what’s better than bacon? masturbation!

I wish all of you a very pleasurable May filled with tons of self-loving!

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