Anaín Bjorkquist

yesterday on bleecker street

As my eyes traveled down Bleecker Street my mind floated along with them.

The eyes wandered along noting the glitz that surrounded them while my mind thought back on the conversation it had just witnessed.

My mind guiding my eyes towards the display in a corner building then the next.

As I walked past myself in the storefront reflections the eyes still could not see what the mind wanted.

It was on that street on an extremely cold day that my mind explained to me, “When your mute mouth could not speak of what you needed your heart learned how to sing. Now, you’ll have to dismiss what your blind eyes see letting me be your guide. Close your eyes.”

I stood there staring at my reflection not listening to my mind’s instructions. In that frozen moment, I realized that much of what my mind says to me usually falls on deaf ears then I closed my eyes.

© Anaín Bjorkquist February 10, 2011 ~ All Rights Reserved.

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