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you the one playing Facebook games!

So, I was on Facebook this evening and I was going through the trouble of blocking new games that friends were suggesting to me. Yes, I am that friend that blocks applications on Facebook. I don’t block people from sending me further invitations but I do block applications…mostly anything that is a game. Don’t get me wrong I love games…mainly Madden and most Wii games but I have NO love for Facebook games; not anymore at least.

When I first got on Facebook I had those games where you bought friends and sold them to other people; that was fun. I enjoyed buying white folks and selling them. No. I kid. I kid. I can only imagine some of your faces right now. LOL! The real reason why I enjoyed selling friends is because I have uber FINE friends both male and female so, I always owned some hot folks people wanted to buy off of me. My love for Facebook games lasted about as long as the honeymoon phase in any new romance just under six months. I quickly became irritated anytime people sent me invites to new games. Tonight, trying to be a good sport I clicked on a game that was recommended by I friend I super adore.

The game I clicked on to play was Café World. I figured it was about coffee and I was wrong. I gave the game access to my account and proceeded to test this game out. It prompted me to open my own restaurant. Okay, so the game is about owning a restaurant. Got it. Then I have to choose if I am a female or male. Female. The game then gives me this pink-haired girl cartoon character to represent me? I like pink but yuck! She told me to click on one of the stoves and start cooking a dish. That’s exactly when I quit. Why? Because that shit was whack! Speaking of…whacking off…

It is my opinion that if you are playing these Facebook games on a very constant basis like everyday…how I see on some of your pages you really need more sex in your life! Even solo sex is a lot more productive than Café World! I’ll take masturbation over Café World any day! If you aren’t single you truly have no excuse for playing these games…get more Boo Loving in your life! If you are single please don’t post all your “accomplishments” within those games on your Facebook Walls or I will feel obligated to send sex toys as birthday presents.

So, yes, you sexy motherfucker, yes, you over there playing Café World YOU need more sex in your life! If I was your woman you would not have a minute to be doing that. It would be Madden or sexing for us! Your choice! Just ask! lol

If you totally disagree with me feel free to have your say below in the comments…

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