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There won’t be a Revolution until y’all learn how to speak to the roun’ the way girls. ~Anain

Theories are for classrooms not the everyday. If you want to change the world you have to know how to speak to the common woman. If your stilettos have never beat the same pavement her stilettos do you’ll NEVER get her to be part of your revolution. I find that when I get into conversations with some Feminists they instantly jump to classroom lingo which as a common woman really makes me tune out. I don’t want theories preached to me in terms that do not feel like they are part of MY world. Quickest way to turn me off is by using big words. Not because I don’t understand them, and even if I didn’t I have Uncle Google for me to learn, but because that’s not how I talk to normal folk. When my girls and I are discussing these topics that come up everyday we don’t get all technical with it…we speak from the heart. If you want to change the world you have to touch hearts so that you can open the path to their minds.

Then again there are a lot of theories that just don’t fall in line with how nature works. There is a revolution going on…whether you notice it happening or not…it is already here. What some of the intellectuals don’t realize is that what they spent thousands to learn us common uneducated folks can get for practically free if we seek it. We might not talk like you, we might not write like you and we especially might not be from where you’re from but two things…

  1. We bleed, eat, shit, fuck and have to die just like y’all. Say it ain’t so?
  2. Without the bottom 99% engaged nothing can change. Ever!

I’m going to need some of y’all to get off your high horses and realize that what you theorize ain’t doing shit for that sister in Alabama living it. What you think should be doesn’t matter to the sister in Minneapolis with real scars in her heart from real problems. Believe me when I was growing up in Fruity Acres I wasn’t listening to the teachers of my color who weren’t speaking my language. I was listening to the mother’s of my friends and it was through their examples and leadership that I was molded. They spoke my language, they knew my heart and their stilettos walked the same pavement my kicks did. It was their stilettos that I aspired to be in or not be in. It was their mistakes that led them to fall short from the way it theoretically should be that I made mental notes of. It was their wins that went above and beyond what theoretically they should have done which caused me to rise above that shitty environment. The ones who failed and the ones who excelled BOTH let us young women in close enough to truly see everything.

These women didn’t hide behind big words, they didn’t sound like robots reciting shit they read in some book nor did they pass a Professor’s thoughts as their own. These women taught us by using everyday examples…the shit that happened on the blocks we lived on or near. To this day one of the most important women in my life was a friend’s mother who among many things taught this girl how to properly comb my Afro-Cuban hair…a task my mother couldn’t teach me. I was twelve when I learned that. I was fourteen when I watched her crumble under the pressure of Crack. Her daughter still excelled to become one of the strongest women I know. I’ll bet everything I have that when she speaks to kids she speaks to them from the heart and from experience. It takes a lot to rise from ashes but most of us girls and guys from those neighborhoods my kicks walked on turned out pretty well and most of the credit goes to the people who lived there with us…whether good or bad.

If you want to change the world you better save your theories and fancy speak for your essays and books you write later in life and get your stilettos where the real change occurs. Speak from the heart while you look into our eyes, walk beside us on our turf and just maybe you’ll open our minds enough that we will not only let you lead but we will be the ones pushing your agendas. Then again this is a Revolution…

If you want to follow some awesome women on Twitter who have no problem speaking from their hearts while they look folks in their eyes…even when you might not agree with them…follow:




These ladies will elevate you, make you lol, shock your system, sometimes offend you, but everyday at least one of their tweets will make you pause and think…to the point you’ll want to take action…it will start with how they change you and hopefully grow to how you help change the world. I’m still working on the changing me part.

© Anaín Bjorkquist June 2, 2010 ~ All Rights Reserved.

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