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I am here to be your companion on this sensual self-discovery journey…

…here to help you be your best self & embrace your sexuality.

I know that it can seem incredibly difficult to love oneself when we hate the circumstances we find ourselves in.

I know what it feels like to be drowning in a sea of desires because all the stories in our heads tell us we should never put pleasure first.

I know how painful it is to swallow a lump of fear each time we choose to let go of all the things that no longer serve us.

Being while becoming – this is the journey. The one thing we all are doing.

But you don’t have to learn how to go from yearning to thriving on your own…

…I invite you to get cozy, listen to Sex Love Joy and explore my writing. And above all else, please remember that…

Whatever you are feeling in this moment you are not alone in those feelings.


from lost soul to doing soul’s work

Within me, since forever, there has been a knowing. A knowing that above all else I should be at ease with all that I am. A knowing that bottling up my sensual energy doesn’t benefit anyone. A knowing that chasing orgasms, love, or happiness is a dizzying merry-go-round. This knowledge has always been there.

For the last decade+ of my life I have been exploring this innate knowledge while learning how to embody my erotic power. I risked losing everything because in my bones I knew that living otherwise wasn’t living. There were some truly dark moments but here I still am, now at my best & sure that I am enough; even if the worst happens again.

You can read my story here or find the pieces of me I’ve shared through my writing here.

My promises to you are these…I will never stop living or telling my truths & I am deeply committed to helping you do the same. 

xo, Anaín

sex love joy podcast


In this episode of Sex Love Joy, Anaín interviews independent author, blogger and creativity coach GG Renee. They talk about about how she came to do this work, quietude, her struggles with her mother, how being more of herself changed her relationship, making mistakes and much more.

If you would like more of GG & Anaín together, don’t miss them at CatalystCon East this March where we will be talking Motherhood, Depression and Sex.

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