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I am here to be your companion & guide as you learn to put pleasure & wellness first!

I know what it feels like to be drowning in a sea of desires because all the stories in our heads tell us we should never put pleasure first.

I know how painful it is to swallow a lump of fear each time we choose to let go of all the things that no longer serve us.

Being while becoming – this is the journey. The one thing we all are doing.

But you don’t have to learn how to go from yearning to thriving on your own…

…I invite you to get cozy, listen to Sex Love Joy and explore my writing.

why i am here

anain stillness

Within me, since forever, there has been a knowing. A knowing that above all else I should be at ease with all that I am. A knowing that bottling up my sensual energy doesn’t benefit anyone. A knowing that my body was my best guide when it came to deciding what was best for me. This knowledge has always been there but it was only within the last decade that I began to own my own knowing.

For the last decade+ of my life I have been exploring this innate knowledge while learning how to embody my erotic power. I risked losing everything because in my bones I knew that living otherwise wasn’t living. There were some truly dark moments but here I still am, now at my best & sure that I am enough. You can read about my journey here. You can find more pieces of me in my writing.

My promises to you are these…I will never stop owning my own knowing & I am deeply committed to helping you do the same. 

xo, Anaín

latest episodes of sex love joy

Episode 8 - N'jaila Rhee

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In this episode of Sex Love Joy, I interview Journalist, podcaster and adult web model N’jaila Rhee. We talk about her personal sexual experiences and as an adult web model. There is a lot of frank talk about sexuality in this episode so if that’s not your thing skip this episode. Among the experiences N’jaila shares are the one time a bird attacked her during sex and another time that a guy had a heart attack. We chat about experiences that came from being on Adult Friend Finder. N’jaila talks about the politics of showing your tits on the internet and strange porn laws. She explains to me what a “blow bang” is. Plus, a tons more! This episode is very much about sex…but it is still very sweet, humorous and intimate at same time.

About N’jaila

N’jaila Rhee is  co-host of TWIB After Dark on, also a journalist and BBW adult web model and PSO.  Straddling the line between nerd culture, identity politics and sexual revolution N’jaila Rhee navigates difficult digital spaces.  Her blog celebrates and explores sexuality from a Black/ Asian perspective. I’ve encouraged other women to write erotica explore their sexuality and to look at people in the adult industry differently. Sexuality is a part of a whole being, denying it is self-destruction.  She strives to make a sex positive space where people of all races, gender identities and sexual preferences can have their voice heard in the adult industry and beyond.

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Episode 7 - Aida Manduley

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In this episode of Sex Love Joy, I interview Bilingual consultant, speaker, and sexuality educator Aida Manduley we talk about her growing up in Puerto Rico and how that shaped her sexuality. She reveals how her parents were great about giving her information & education on the topics of puberty and anatomy but not the dynamics of sex. The quest for that led Aida to digital spaces which would help her find information and community. In this interview Aida also talks about how representation is important so that we all can dream and move the generations forward. She gets into her thoughts on the body positive & body love movements. And of course lots of talk about sex, love, joy… listen to hear it all.

About Aida

Aida is a bilingual consultant, speaker, and sexuality educator with over 7 years of LGBTQ activism under her belt. Hailing from Puerto Rico, she has presented across North America on a variety of sexuality topics and their intersections with issues such as digital literacy and racial justice. Aida’s currently pursuing her Master’s of Social Work at Boston University—with a focus on aging populations—and holds a B.A. in Gender and Sexuality Studies from Brown University, where she won awards for leadership and fostering diversity.

One of the joys in her career has been her affiliation with The CSPH since 2010 and she is now separately planning a video series about non-monogamy with a social justice angle. Past projects include sexual health and LGBTQ work at a domestic violence agency, crisis-response with victims of sexual assault, and leadership on a number of national and regional coalitions on HIV preventioncomprehensive sexuality education, and LGBTQ anti-violence. Her other areas of expertise include organizational development, sexual stigma, kink/BDSM, and youth education.

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