The Benevolent Dictator – Who Should Hold the Power in a Relationship? by Max

In an ideal world, a relationship would be like a perfectly-balanced see saw. Each side would be of the same weight and when one side went up, the other would go down (pause?) to compensate. No one side would ever be above the other; instead there would be the perfect, harmonious balance that has everyone on equal footing at all times.

In the real world though, we know that relationships don’t work that way. In most romantic relationships, there is a lover and a loved. Sometimes that just happens organically and other times it’s by design. Sometimes the titles shift fluidly from one partner to another as the relationship grows and develops. But always, there is a balance of power. (more…)

Yes Being a Good Guy Means You Have to Wait for Sex by Max

A woman I know has a foolproof plan for getting rid of unwanted suitors: she f*cks them. When she goes on a first date, the instant at which she realizes she never wants to see this guy again is immediately followed by the instant in which she decides she’s dropping panties immediately. She has a bit of a reputation now, but what she doesn’t have is pests blowing up her phone or stalking her.

The reason my friend’s plan works so well is that almost every man will get bored with the woman who readily gives up sex. It’s not always instantaneous, but sooner than later his eye will be caught by someone else, and when that someone else makes him work for the pums, he’ll forget all about the p*ssy he got and focus on the p*ssy he’s not getting. Ain’t no p*ssy like new p*ssy, isn’t that how the saying goes? (more…)

The Kissing Game by WisdomIsMisery

People Don’t Kiss No More All They Do Is Fuck

This might or might not be news to you but there are women out there who place their pussy below their mouths and not just anatomically speaking. Now, I will readily admit that I have had sex with women who didn’t want to kiss because kissing was considered “too personal.” I discussed this with a few other women and they thought this made perfect sense.

This does not make sense, but because I’m a man and I like sex, I pretty much roll with whatever rules and regulations the woman has and then I opine, mule and meander over it post-orgasm. Then in some cases, like this case for example, I write about it. (more…)

be great at love!

It is almost Valentine’s Day! I’m so not excited! ::sighs::

I might not love the idea of Valentine’s but I won’t be a Sour Sally by writing a negative post about how I think it is a silly holiday that is a great economical boost for the flower, greeting card and chocolate industries. No, I just won’t do that and I won’t give you five tips for this or that to make your Valentine’s more romantic, sensual or exotic. Nope, won’t do that either. Instead I’ll give you one quick tip that might help you insure that the man or woman that will be your Valentine this year will be your Valentine again next year. Yes, this post is for those of you that have been in a relationship and want to keep it that way. (more…)

Putting Your Sexy Forward by Tygerlily

If you are single, and you are 27 years of age or older, you must, I repeat, YOU MUST put your sexy forward at all times when you are interested in somebody. Gone are the days when you could afford to be ONLY girl-next-door-cutesy where you could just bat your eyes, and the boy would get the hint. He’s not gonna send you a note asking “Do you like me? Check _______yes ________no _______maybe.” (more…)

he likes new pussy. she likes new dick. so what?

Until the end of time arrives some men will continue to chase new pussy until they don’t want to get into new pussy anymore. Their egos become temporarily bloated because a new she gave into him. Their penises thank them each and every time they deliver new satin walls to play in. Plainly said those men enjoy the chase and triumph in the conquest. We know this because most men are open about what fuels their promiscuity yet the reasons given for why women are promiscuous are hidden and/or clouded in misjudgment.

don’t choose him but DO mount him!

These days I hear a lot of talk about how women should be the ones making the first move with men…

If a woman is interested in a man she shouldn’t be afraid to approach him.

Women who go for what they want GET what they want!

A man sometimes won’t make the first move because he doesn’t know if she’d be interested in him or not but he won’t have a problem with the woman pursuing him.


dear men, shave your pubes, stay in shape and learn to cook!

Dear Men,

I’m writing to you from the heart and on behalf of the many women who think like me. Many of y’all need to stop the slacking you’ve been doing with your grooming, exercising and cooking. If you aren’t willing to match the amount of effort we women put into looking good and nurturing y’all with good food then frankly you don’t deserve that kind of woman in your life!