her name isn’t important…

***This is chapter two of a fictional erotic novella. Read chapter one here.***

Sahara was going to tell you about how she set fire to this woman’s existence without even telling you her name. To Sahara her name isn’t important but you need to know her name before you watch her go up in flames.

Her name is Tiffany. She wasn’t the first woman that Sahara set on fire just for fun she just happens to be the last one. Her story isn’t even the most important one but her circumstances definitely are common ones. If you listen carefully to this story you might see learn something that you weren’t expecting but for that to happen I guess we can’t let Sahara narrate it all?!

My name is Michael and I am the one that tried to burn Sahara down. She might have seared a little but all that our experience did for her was turn her off from men. I shattered her trust by shitting on her honesty. She never fully recovered from what happened between us so she took what she loved most about our experience, she magnified it ten times over and now when she meets women that might benefit from it she pours gasoline on them before striking a match.

twisted and elegant…

***This is a fictional erotic novella.***

I love watching myself in the bathroom mirror as I get out of the shower dripping wet. The first glimpse of me in the mirror is of my thick right thigh as I lift my leg over the tub then I lean forward before stepping firmly on the cold tile so that I can give myself a sly smile. There in the mirror my big full breasts greet me with beads of water sliding off of them down to my absolutely taut tummy. I turn around to look a my perfect round bottom. What do I love most about my body? My full succulent red lips.

I am a beautiful woman but I am much more than my physical perfection. I am twisted and elegant.

Yes. I am! And I am vain. And I am not nice. And I am many things that you really wouldn’t like if you took enough time to really get to know me but this story isn’t about that.

This is about how I use all that I am to gift you a lover that is the vision that you carefully weave with all that you wish you could be. I quickly whisk you away from the sadness that having everything you created suffocates you with and just when you crawl into my mouth for me to devour I violently spit you out. You mean absolutely nothing to me. Nothing.

You are ugly because you don’t know your own truth and I am a divinely twisted elegant beautiful woman because I live my truth. My truth is that if you let me, I will bring a fire into your life that will ravage you open unleashing all the desire, passion and joy that you only dreamed of before my arrival.

You don’t believe me do you? That’s okay it is better if you stay at a distance. Stay right there baby. I don’t want to set your ass on fire. I want to tell you about my last unsuspecting victim and how I had so much fun flipping her world upside down leaving her cold just like I found her.


Oh yes, darling I am a highly feminine woman that seduces women for fun.

highest heels on the entire time

***This is a fictional erotic story inspired by reality***

About an hour past curfew the knock at the door startled her. She didn’t know who it could be because nobody was supposed to be out of their rooms. She cautiously opened it and saw him standing there shirtless in his boxers with nothing else on but a smile. She definitely felt overdressed still wearing her uniform and combat boots.

“I’m alone tonight.”

She thought about what he had said as she stared into his chiseled chest letting her eyes travel down to his perfect abs further down to his boxers and what was leaning to the left in them.

“Lemme grab my keys and clothes for tomorrow just in case.”

He laughed and responded, “In case we oversleep while studying like last time.”

When she walked into his room he was sitting at his desk studying with his back to her. She placed her bag on his bed; he realized she was there. Without looking back at her he asked her if she would quiz him on some terms instead of helping him with his paper.


“So the paper first?” he asked.


He slowly turned around in his desk chair confused about what she meant by after to find her standing a few feet from him wearing only her highest heels.

simply letting go into desire – part two

***This is part two of a fictional erotic story that started here. ***

He drove further north on A1A just past where all the street parking ended on the ocean side of the road. He literally did drive us to the north most end of the beach. He turned left into the driveway of a house, pulled up to a large gate, honked, stuck his head out the car window and the gate opened. I noticed that there was a pool in the front yard as he drove along the side of the house and parked my car in the back. Feelings of excitement and fear rushed through me.

“I’m Chris by the way. You sure you want to come in?”

“Nikki. I’d love to come in.” I usually found myself saying too much but suddenly I was a woman of few words.

Chris walked ahead of me but kept looking back at me and smiling. His big eyes seemed to light up the early evening. An older man opened the door as we got to it. He and Chris spoke softly. As he walked past me he barely looked at me in the face then said goodnight to us.

“We are alone now. Let me show you my little gallery that I’m putting together.”

We walked inside and the place was nearly empty. There wasn’t much furniture but his walls were full of art. He held his hand out in an instant I took it. We walked hand in hand down a long hallway then past double doors entered into a great room. The floors were white marble, the walls were the brightest white and all the couches, ottomans and chaise lounge chairs in the room were white. The only color in the room was the paintings on the walls. He let go of my hand then put his backpack down on an ottoman. I just stood there in the middle of the room wanting, waiting, unsure of what to look at or do next.

Chris walked over to me and stood right in front of me. He stared into my eyes then smiled again. He loved smiling. In the little time I had spent with him he either had a dead serious look on his face or a smile. Right then he was smiling the biggest smile yet. I laughed out loud. I anticipated a kiss landing on my lips. He surprised me instead.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked.


His kisses were as gentle as he looked wild. All I could think of was the sketch he had drawn of my feet. I walked away from him towards his backpack. I grabbed it, brought it back to him, asked him to pull the sketchbook back out so I could see it again. I examined the sketch as he held it.

“Show me what happens before it ends like this.”

simply letting go into desire – part one

***This is a fictional erotic story.

Love is complicated by sex. Sex is complicated by love. I prefer when things aren’t complicated but my life was anything but simple. I wonder if you know what it feels like to have everyone around you expect something from you or have an ideal image of you? That’s what my life was like around that time. I was struggling to be what everyone wanted, forcing myself to fit into the images they saw and caught up in a complicated act.

On that particular day, I had had too much of everything and all I wanted to do was run away; simply start all over. I couldn’t run away but I could take a drive after work just to the beach like usual, look at it then turn around before heading home to the rest of my complications. As I got to the ocean instead of turning around where I usually did I allowed myself to be mesmerized by the sight of the ocean on my left and the mansions to my right. I drove south without thinking about my future enjoying the freedom of the moment until I realized that I had driven past Boca and out of Palm Beach County. It would now take me forever to get all the way north to Jupiter on US 1 and almost just as long on I-95 in rush hour traffic.

Determined to prolong this unusual taste of freedom I decided to take the scenic route I had come down back home. I drove north on A1A until I got to, Cafe Luna Rosa, a restaurant in Delray that I loved that had outdoor tables where I could enjoy great food and an ocean view. I got a great table and ordered my favorite items off the menu then called my fiancé. I told him that I had gone for a drive to clear my head but ended up going too far and wouldn’t be home until a lot later. He said he understood that I was under a lot of stress, apologized for all the wedding drama, told me to take my time and said that it was okay with him if I stopped to eat because he couldn’t wait that long for dinner. I loved how he always remembered to give me permission to do the obvious things I needed to do for myself.

my desire for women – part two

***This is the ending of a fictional erotic story that started here.***

“Remember Baby Girl you just agreed to anything I have in mind!”
Her words scared me but filled me with even more desire for Tina. Where was this going? I looked to my left, I saw Honey on all fours getting fucked by some Latino guy that obviously spent a lot more time working on his chest and arms than his abs. I saw our boy still sitting on the edge of the bed but now he had a blond riding him. The blond was moaning and yelling over to the guy with Honey asking if he was enjoying her pussy. I looked around the bed and saw several half naked people watching; some masturbating. I was still rather new to this world so all the spectators started to make me feel uncomfortable.

I was mentally counting the number of single dudes in the room masturbating when I heard a grunt, Tina fuss at someone and then Honey whisper. Tina was yelling at some guy that wanted to join in. Honey came over to me and started kissing my face. Tina did not like intrusive single males trying to join in during parties without consent. This night though, Tina was too focused to let some dude ruin her good time. She was about to show him who was in charge. She pulled out the double dong from underneath the pillow and said to him, “Unless you want to share some of this with her then I advise you back up!”


my desire for women – part one

***This is a fictional erotic story inspired by reality.***

My cunt has never led me astray. She usually speaks more clearly than my heart. The lovers that she doesn’t like my heart also eventually grows to dislike. So, I knew that if my cunt desired women then I should follow her lead. Was I bisexual?! I didn’t know but I experimented with it. I thought that just like with men, when the right “one” broke the dam in my cunt the truth about my sexuality would spill over. It was then that the Celestial Planning Goddesses sent Tina my way.

Tina was divine; a pretty face and voluptuous body. She had the most perky full natural breasts I had ever seen. Everything about her was fine but nothing was as gorgeous to me as the sight of Tina bent over in front of me. Her dark vulva looking back at me with a glimpse of pussy pink glowing with wetness – tempting me! Tina and I had several quick encounters at sex parties from time to time but never played together without our men. All I could do for months was fantasize about playing in Tina’s box, tasting her again and figuring out if I could let go enough to enjoy sex with women as much as I dreamed that I could?!


mrs. diamond – part one

***This is a fictional erotic story***

One of the things that I hate most about Facebook is the “People You May Know” tab. I really don’t want to know who is on Facebook that I haven’t already thought about looking for myself. Recently, Mrs. Diamond’s name kept popping up in that tab almost daily. I also would see her posts all over my friend’s pages when I would go to leave comments. There she was everywhere like a ghost from the past coming back to the future to haunt me. I was hoping to completely avoid her so that I wouldn’t have to address any of the weird shit that had happened between us my senior year of high school. Sure enough I wasn’t able to avoid her for very long.

If I had known that she was now living in New York City I would’ve never posted right on my friend’s wall that I was going to be in New York City on business for a few days. There right in the thread between Cindy and I, Mrs. Diamond, jumped right in asking if she could join us for drinks. There right in the thread Cindy said yes without even consulting me. I knew she’d try to change my mind about not meeting Mrs. Diamond because everyone loved Mrs. Diamond. Everyone but me. I hated her. I hated her for all the fucked up shit that she put me through before graduation. I just couldn’t tell my friend that her favorite teacher had seduced me, broken my heart and then blamed it all on me.