starving for sex

I make cooking a special occasion as often as I can. I put my mind, heart, body and soul into making meals for my family. I wake up early on Saturday mornings to pick the freshest organic produce at the Farmer’s Market. I make almost daily trips to my local butcher to make sure the meats I cook are the best cuts available. I plan big lavish meals days in advance, making sure that I have all the ingredients I need. Then on the day of that meal, I allow enough time in my day to enjoy even the most mundane prep work. I am known for cooking in stilettos as if I were out on the town even when I’m just cooking up a quick lunch.

Cooking is a sensual art for me that I take very seriously. I do my best cooking when I create the time and space for great meals to slowly come together step by step or when I instantly answer my palate’s desire for a particular flavor and allow it to take me on an impromptu food journey. As long as I am relaxed, prepared and in the moment I can pour my mind, heart, body and soul into making flavorful meals.

For me there’s nothing worse than cooking while starving! That’s always been my opinion and the other day while on Twitter I saw that I wasn’t the only one that felt that way…

“I hate cooking when I’m starving then having no appetite when I’m done. :(” – a friend tweeted

…not only do I have no appetite when I’m done but almost anything that I cook while starving tastes awful to me. I eat it to get past the terrible hunger pains that feel like they could kill me. Waiting to the point of gut-wrenching hunger makes me feel like a ravished animal eating because it has to not because it enjoys it. After I always feel dirty, guilty and disconnected from all that is good about food. The sensuality of food and cooking is lost upon me if I allow myself to wait that long before cooking then eating.

sex like food fuels you & starving for sex kills the sensuality of sex