Anaín Bjorkquist


More About Me & My Work

Hi, I'm Anaín!

I'm a healer, creative and speaker on a mission to help you always choose pleasure over perfection—in love and life—and begin to delight in Sex Love Joy.

These days my plate is overflowing with work and family. Too much, too much has led to me taking a break from most things web. The truth is, like many of my clients I am a strong-minded, softhearted woman that often says yes, even when she knows she should say no. Which is why I am taking a hiatus from podcasting and some website features were removed.

You're welcome to listen to my podcast Sex Love Joy. You can subscribe on SoundCloud or iTunes so you don't miss the relaunch. You can also read my writing. Please do say hello to me and connect with me on Facebook or Twitter if those are your things. Thanks for visiting!

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Hi, I'm Anaín!2