my desire for women – part two

***This is the ending of a fictional erotic story that started here.***

“Remember Baby Girl you just agreed to anything I have in mind!”
Her words scared me but filled me with even more desire for Tina. Where was this going? I looked to my left, I saw Honey on all fours getting fucked by some Latino guy that obviously spent a lot more time working on his chest and arms than his abs. I saw our boy still sitting on the edge of the bed but now he had a blond riding him. The blond was moaning and yelling over to the guy with Honey asking if he was enjoying her pussy. I looked around the bed and saw several half naked people watching; some masturbating. I was still rather new to this world so all the spectators started to make me feel uncomfortable.

I was mentally counting the number of single dudes in the room masturbating when I heard a grunt, Tina fuss at someone and then Honey whisper. Tina was yelling at some guy that wanted to join in. Honey came over to me and started kissing my face. Tina did not like intrusive single males trying to join in during parties without consent. This night though, Tina was too focused to let some dude ruin her good time. She was about to show him who was in charge. She pulled out the double dong from underneath the pillow and said to him, “Unless you want to share some of this with her then I advise you back up!”


my desire for women – part one

***This is a fictional erotic story inspired by reality.***

My cunt has never led me astray. She usually speaks more clearly than my heart. The lovers that she doesn’t like my heart also eventually grows to dislike. So, I knew that if my cunt desired women then I should follow her lead. Was I bisexual?! I didn’t know but I experimented with it. I thought that just like with men, when the right “one” broke the dam in my cunt the truth about my sexuality would spill over. It was then that the Celestial Planning Goddesses sent Tina my way.

Tina was divine; a pretty face and voluptuous body. She had the most perky full natural breasts I had ever seen. Everything about her was fine but nothing was as gorgeous to me as the sight of Tina bent over in front of me. Her dark vulva looking back at me with a glimpse of pussy pink glowing with wetness – tempting me! Tina and I had several quick encounters at sex parties from time to time but never played together without our men. All I could do for months was fantasize about playing in Tina’s box, tasting her again and figuring out if I could let go enough to enjoy sex with women as much as I dreamed that I could?!


mrs. diamond – part one

***This is a fictional erotic story***

One of the things that I hate most about Facebook is the “People You May Know” tab. I really don’t want to know who is on Facebook that I haven’t already thought about looking for myself. Recently, Mrs. Diamond’s name kept popping up in that tab almost daily. I also would see her posts all over my friend’s pages when I would go to leave comments. There she was everywhere like a ghost from the past coming back to the future to haunt me. I was hoping to completely avoid her so that I wouldn’t have to address any of the weird shit that had happened between us my senior year of high school. Sure enough I wasn’t able to avoid her for very long.

If I had known that she was now living in New York City I would’ve never posted right on my friend’s wall that I was going to be in New York City on business for a few days. There right in the thread between Cindy and I, Mrs. Diamond, jumped right in asking if she could join us for drinks. There right in the thread Cindy said yes without even consulting me. I knew she’d try to change my mind about not meeting Mrs. Diamond because everyone loved Mrs. Diamond. Everyone but me. I hated her. I hated her for all the fucked up shit that she put me through before graduation. I just couldn’t tell my friend that her favorite teacher had seduced me, broken my heart and then blamed it all on me.


just sexual

*Warning this post is stream of consciousness and it has not been edited.

For over a year, I have been struggling with writing a post about my sexuality. Not that I am uncomfortable talking about what I do sexually. We know I am very comfortable with that, but I am extremely uncomfortable with labeling my sexuality! I am almost insecure about doing that. What if I don’t want to define myself with a label? What if none of the labels really seem to define what I am?

I know that I am not heterosexual – at least not all the time. I know that I am not bisexual – at least not all the time. Does that make me heteroflexible? I don’t like that label either. Too new age for me. Too flexible. Am I fluid? Yes. Is that a label? I don’t know. I am just sexual. I am capable of loving all sorts of people with all sorts of labels. I am not against having consensual sex with anyone that I am really attracted to that I find arousing – regardless of their label.

I am just sexual. I am very sexual. I am also pretty damn choosy. I just am not the person that fits into a label. Fuck those that want to label my sexuality! I guess my real problem is with gender because to define my sexuality I’d have to define the gender of those I am having sex with. What if my partner doesn’t want to define their gender?


National Day of SILENCE 2011

Today, is the National Day of Silence. Today, hundreds of thousands of students nationwide take a vow of silence to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in their schools. As a bisexual woman and mother I am showing my support by going virtually silent for the next 24 hours. No tweets, Facebook status updates, no Foursquare check-ins, and no Tumblr’ing. All my social network accounts will be silent. (more…)