simply letting go into desire – part two

***This is part two of a fictional erotic story that started here. ***

He drove further north on A1A just past where all the street parking ended on the ocean side of the road. He literally did drive us to the north most end of the beach. He turned left into the driveway of a house, pulled up to a large gate, honked, stuck his head out the car window and the gate opened. I noticed that there was a pool in the front yard as he drove along the side of the house and parked my car in the back. Feelings of excitement and fear rushed through me.

“I’m Chris by the way. You sure you want to come in?”

“Nikki. I’d love to come in.” I usually found myself saying too much but suddenly I was a woman of few words.

Chris walked ahead of me but kept looking back at me and smiling. His big eyes seemed to light up the early evening. An older man opened the door as we got to it. He and Chris spoke softly. As he walked past me he barely looked at me in the face then said goodnight to us.

“We are alone now. Let me show you my little gallery that I’m putting together.”

We walked inside and the place was nearly empty. There wasn’t much furniture but his walls were full of art. He held his hand out in an instant I took it. We walked hand in hand down a long hallway then past double doors entered into a great room. The floors were white marble, the walls were the brightest white and all the couches, ottomans and chaise lounge chairs in the room were white. The only color in the room was the paintings on the walls. He let go of my hand then put his backpack down on an ottoman. I just stood there in the middle of the room wanting, waiting, unsure of what to look at or do next.

Chris walked over to me and stood right in front of me. He stared into my eyes then smiled again. He loved smiling. In the little time I had spent with him he either had a dead serious look on his face or a smile. Right then he was smiling the biggest smile yet. I laughed out loud. I anticipated a kiss landing on my lips. He surprised me instead.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked.


His kisses were as gentle as he looked wild. All I could think of was the sketch he had drawn of my feet. I walked away from him towards his backpack. I grabbed it, brought it back to him, asked him to pull the sketchbook back out so I could see it again. I examined the sketch as he held it.

“Show me what happens before it ends like this.”

reader question – feeling confident while your partner enjoys the sweet nectar of your lady flower!

I answer reader emails regularly but sometimes I feel that some of the questions and answers should be shared.


Reader Email:

I’m new to your blog, and quite honestly, I’ve become obsessed. You touch on everything that has been on my mind lately, but I do have one request that I’m sure a lot of your readers would also like to know. That would be on the topic of oral sex performed on a woman. I hope that you address the issues of how a woman should look “down there” as well as how to be confident enough to look the man (or woman) in the eyes. Also, what if you’re shy about the way you look down there? Any confidence tips? (more…)

The Kissing Game by WisdomIsMisery

People Don’t Kiss No More All They Do Is Fuck

This might or might not be news to you but there are women out there who place their pussy below their mouths and not just anatomically speaking. Now, I will readily admit that I have had sex with women who didn’t want to kiss because kissing was considered “too personal.” I discussed this with a few other women and they thought this made perfect sense.

This does not make sense, but because I’m a man and I like sex, I pretty much roll with whatever rules and regulations the woman has and then I opine, mule and meander over it post-orgasm. Then in some cases, like this case for example, I write about it. (more…)

head and more head – part one

Most men love and enjoy receiving oral sex more than anything else in the world. Getting head is right up there with their love of food and sports! Giving head to men that I am in a relationship with is something I have always enjoyed but wasn’t always good at. My education in toe curling fellatio began with Destiny but it was a few long term relationships and my marriage of 10+ years that made me comfortable and confident about giving head. Since I’ve been put on jaw rest by my doctor I thought why not share with you ladies some tricks to help you become more confident when giving head to your partner. I’ll be breaking this down in two detailed posts. This is Part One which covers top three scenarios and a few techniques. Part Two will be a surprise until tomorrow morning. Disclaimer: If you try these techniques you might find yourself on jaw rest too. (more…)