sex workers series – definition of sex workers

Last night, I was telling my mother more about the training course that I am starting and she asked me if I was sure it was a good idea to become a professional sex worker. Her question didn’t catch me off guard because I knew she had a negative opinion about the training I’ve decided to begin. For the last six months, I’ve known that where I want to go with my career isn’t exactly the destination that many people in my family had in mind.

Where I am going is exactly the place that my life experiences, passions and talents are leading me in an effortless manner that brings me peace and joy. Not having “everyone’s” support yet is perfectly fine because I am sure that *this* is it. I know that in the end my mother will come around but to help her get there sooner I know that I have to help educate her on what exactly sex work is. As I thought about all her questions, all the nuances of sex work, the legalities and the fact that these would become questions I’ll have to answer for years to come I decided that it was the perfect time to start a new series of posts about sex workers.

why some single men should pay for a threesome

By the time men reach a certain age most of the ones who have yearned to be the center of a female-male-female threesome have but there are those who still feverishly yearn to have that experience. When it comes to threesomes there is no one more down and enthusiastic than the single male that has never had one. This guy’s mind constantly replays a soft pornographic scene where two women are lost in a field with nothing else to do but fondle titties, tongue kiss and playfully let their mouths roam south on one another until he and his valiant penis come to save them. Oh, how in the world would these damsels have gotten any real fucking done if he hadn’t walked in? (more…)