hump day heat: playing games

Do you like to play sex games with your lover?

Are you a toy enthusiast?

Want to step out of your everyday sex routine with your lover?

Well, here is a game you can play with your lover to spice things up…

  • Go into your toy arsenal and pull out several of your favorite sex toys, massage oils, and/or other essentials that you would like to incorporate into your lovemaking.
  • Arrange the chosen items out on the bed; try your best to make the display visually appealing.
  • Ask your partner to pick one of the toys from the available selections that they want you to use on them.
  • Ask your partner to pick one of the toys from the available selections that they want to use on you.
  • Repeat the last two steps until there are no objects left.
  • Pleasure your partner with one of the items they picked to be used on them.
  • Have your partner use one of the items they picked to be used on you to pleasure you.
  • Continue taking turns pleasuring one another until you’ve used all the items selected.
  • Enjoy all the sex, love and joy that this Hump Day Heat exercise brings you and yours!

xo, Anaín

toys for jilling off

Masturbation IS the foundation of human sexuality.

I didn’t make this phrase up myself but I have lived by it since as long as I can remember. This saying comes from Betty Dodson one of my heroes. Betty Dodson liberated masturbation almost forty years ago and she is still doing work to assure that masturbation is celebrated for what it is…

Masturbation IS the foundation of human sexuality!

I don’t think enough people celebrate or realize the importance of masturbation and how crucial it is for having a healthy, knowledgeable and empowered sex life. While to some National Masturbation Month might be a silly “made up” holiday for me it is an opportunity to bring attention to one of the best things we can do for ourselves as humans.

toys for jacking off

It is officially National Masturbation Month!

Time to start jilling and jacking off like mad!

Yes, May is National Masturbation Month but if you didn’t know you aren’t the only one because many Americans aren’t aware about it either. If you’d like to find out about how May became National Masturbation Month there is an article here that explains how it all came about (no pun intended).

Today, I bring to you videos and more information from one of my favorite fellow sex educators, Jayme Waxman, that will help those of you with male parts improve your jacking off.

Jamye Waxman on Toys for Boys…

This weekend after I presented with two others about polyisoprene condoms, I had the pleasure of watching Jamye and another sex educator give an energizing and detailed presentation on the topic of toys for boys. Their presentation focused on the pros and cons of the Cobra Libre, the Man Eater by Big Teaze and the Screaming O Vibrating Ring.

G-spot – Wanted Dead or Alive! by Dorothy F. Shaw

I’m on a mission. I’m determined to find my G-spot. Let me tell you why:
I believe either I don’t have a G-spot or it’s broken.

I’ve talked with many of my friends about this, both men and women. The men feel that with the proper attention the G-spot can and will be found. The women that actually have found their G-spot and have experienced the earth shattering orgasms that are said to accompany stimulating this little area, have tried to explain to me where it is and how to find it. I have one friend that said, “You need to have someone, (meaning a woman) that knows where it is show you.” Then, “and it’s not going to be me.” Of course, I laughed quite hard and asked why not? Were we not close enough for her to stick her fingers inside my body and…? Ahem…well, you get the picture. “Fine, but I’m using gloves,” she replied.

Getting back to my original goal, I recently purchased a G-spot vibrator. It looked like it would do the trick. Rather than me try to describe it, here is a picture for you.

The Wireless Thumbs up G-spot Vibrator

Looks pretty good, right?

Needless to say, when my carefully packaged toy came in the mail, I was very excited to use it. And so, I did. Aaand…no dice. I didn’t feel anything except, of course, the vibration from the vibrator on my clitoris. On the inside, where I was supposed to feel the vibration on my G-spot? Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

what’s better than bacon? masturbation!

If you don’t love yourself how can you expect anyone to love you?

Yes. I’ve heard that before and I am sure you have too.

Have you ever stopped to think…that if you don’t know how to fuck yourself right maybe you shouldn’t expect anyone else to fuck you right either?