dreaming of sex with women & men & women & men

A few hours ago, I woke up from a dream that was so romantic, intense, sexual, scary, sweet, confrontational and comforting all at the same time but it was mostly exhausting. Yes, exhausting is how I would describe most of the dreams I’ve been having this year. I don’t know how many of them I would call dreams because moving through these active endless vivid dreams feels more like a nightmare than a dream when what my body craves is restful sleep.

I have been dreaming of sex with women & men & women & men… a lot of sex and my spouse is always in these dreams.

These dreams where I am having sex with him and other people or where he is having sex with other people are very new. During our many years of marriage I can’t say I had sexual dreams in which I could clearly see his face. I would dream about having sex with a body and I would think it was him or in the dream I would feel his presence but I would never see him.

I see his face in my sexual dreams now. In these dreams we have reached the point where we effortlessly can have sex with others without the “checking in” with one another emotionally before, during or after. We are fully secure with our sexuality, our relationship and our emotions in these dreams. Sometimes there are events in these dreams that make me feel uneasy and it is always him that I look to for comfort or rescue. This is so new to me – all of it but especially turning to anyone for rescue. Very new.

dynamics of threesomes series – part two

Well, I hope that Part One of this Threesomes Guide for Couples helped y’all some. Here we go with part two dedicated to choices you’ll have to make as a couple before actually having a threesome. Ready?

There are a lot of decisions you’ll have to make as a couple in order to take the threesome from fantasy you talk about to spice up your sex life to reality. A threesome sounds like such a yummy fantasy that everyone should get to experience at least once but having been part of several myself I can say that they often fall very short of that fantasy image we each have in our heads…especially when you are functioning as a couple and not just an individual during a threesome! My advice and tips won’t guarantee that things will go well for you but they should at the very least help you make less mistakes. (more…)

dynamics of threesomes series part one

So. You are one half of a happy stable sexually active couple that is open-minded about the possibility of inviting a third person into your bed? No? Then this guide isn’t for you. If you are a man or woman that is trying to figure out the right argument to present your significant other about allowing a third person into your bedroom this guide isn’t for you either. This post is strictly for those men and women that have already had a conversation about fulfilling their threesome fantasy with their partner. (more…)

woman’s guide to having threesome w/ two men

Most women have fantasized about having two men sexually satisfy her at the same time but not nearly as many women have actually experienced two men at once. The problem seems to be that most of the women interested in having a male-female-male threesome don’t know much about how to go about making this happen and what actually goes down in these situations. Being that I have had experience with a few of these I’d love to share with you the 1, 2, 3s of a male-female-male threesome. (more…)

why some single men should pay for a threesome

By the time men reach a certain age most of the ones who have yearned to be the center of a female-male-female threesome have but there are those who still feverishly yearn to have that experience. When it comes to threesomes there is no one more down and enthusiastic than the single male that has never had one. This guy’s mind constantly replays a soft pornographic scene where two women are lost in a field with nothing else to do but fondle titties, tongue kiss and playfully let their mouths roam south on one another until he and his valiant penis come to save them. Oh, how in the world would these damsels have gotten any real fucking done if he hadn’t walked in? (more…)

fuck & choke me!

She wants you to pull her hair, spank her repeatedly and choke her right before orgasm. She likes it rough. Very…

I got an email from a reader about this Cocktale asking if I thought that enjoying rough sex was abnormal. The reader confessed that she enjoyed being choked, spanked and having her men being forceful during sex and that in fact she couldn’t come if it wasn’t that way. She went on to share that she feels that she is broken and that her “needs” scared away her last boyfriend who she liked very much. Before giving her my non-expert advice, I opened the conversation up over on the site’s and my personal Facebook walls. When I wasn’t getting a lot of answers from women I decided to let them know it was okay to message me privately…that opened the flood gates. (more…)

head and more head – part one

Most men love and enjoy receiving oral sex more than anything else in the world. Getting head is right up there with their love of food and sports! Giving head to men that I am in a relationship with is something I have always enjoyed but wasn’t always good at. My education in toe curling fellatio began with Destiny but it was a few long term relationships and my marriage of 10+ years that made me comfortable and confident about giving head. Since I’ve been put on jaw rest by my doctor I thought why not share with you ladies some tricks to help you become more confident when giving head to your partner. I’ll be breaking this down in two detailed posts. This is Part One which covers top three scenarios and a few techniques. Part Two will be a surprise until tomorrow morning. Disclaimer: If you try these techniques you might find yourself on jaw rest too. (more…)