What We Can Learn From The Gang Rape in Texas by Native Notes

One of the more troubling news breaks in the past few weeks has been the story of the alleged gang rape of an 11 yr old girl from Cleveland, Texas by 18 men. The suspects’ ages range from 14 to 27. What a 27 yr old man would want with an 11 yr old girl is beyond me, or why any of these young men would participate in such a heinous act and the way we treat other human beings really frustrates me. This is a horrific story, and what’s been even more troubling are the reactions from many in the local community, major news outlets and internet forums alike that suggest the young girl may have possibly provoked her own sexual assault. My heart goes out to all the parties involved in this situation because the young girl has to live with the emotional trauma of this ordeal and many of the young men have ruined their lives before they even had a chance to start them. (more…)

The Opposite of Sexy by Jamilah Lemieux

Sex is everywhere you turn. It aint hard to tell: it sells and we live in a capitalist society. If abstinence sold, those kids on Gossip Girl would be trading promise rings instead of exchanging fuck faces. However, the over-saturation of sexual imagery has not only failed to eradicate Americans’ antiquated ideas about sex (we’re still plenty judgmental and beholden to some puritanical notions), it’s also made sexy a lot less, well, sexy. (more…)

Sugar IN your vagina is a NO NO! Here are 3 quick reasons why…

Last night when both my Twitter and Facebook streams overflowed with comments about one of the Housewives of Atlanta recommending sugar IN the vagina to make it taste sweet I wanted to crawl under a rock. After, the show went off the sugar in the vagina comments continued with actual intelligent women pondering putting sugar up into their va-jay-jays! That has to be the absolutely WORST advice you can give a woman!

then they came for you and there was nobody left to speak up!

Watching the news these days makes my stomach turn. It seems to me that everyday there is a new story about how one group or another is being singled out for attack. Koran burnings. Anti-gay marriage protests. White students wearing U.S. flag t-shirts on Cinco De Mayo to incite Mexican students. Tensions flaring. Wounds all open. The media doing very little to provide a positive dialogue…just there to report incite the masses. If your cause is Anti-something I’m sure there is a politician out there willing to campaign for you. Where are the candidates willing to speak for those who are having their rights taken away? (more…)

sis, think about what love truly means…

You, are one of the lucky ones who was fortunate enough to have attained a good education, you don’t have a job instead you have a career, you have all the things you need, you even have many of the the things you want and everything else is not far from your grasp, except for that man on your list. Yes, you’re one of those ladies that comes equipped with a “wish list” and to it you stick when it comes to finding your man, without budging about the things you want because anything else would be settling. Well, go on girl! Get that perfect man. Wait! (more…)

Shirley Sherrod has not apologized…

Shirley Sherrod has not apologized for her statements and I appreciate that! In a world of excuses and sorry people Mrs. Sherrod has stood on her principles and defended her position. Some say that she should not have shared her experience because it made her a target while others still insist that her statement was clearly racist. From everything that I have heard from Mrs. Sherrod about her speech, about the incident, about her experiences before and after the incident I think that she deserves my respect. (more…)

female anti-rape condom

Have you heard of the Rape-aXe anti-rape device?

According to their official website, the Rape-aXe is an anti-rape female condom embedded with shafts of sharp, inward-facing razor-sharp barbs invented by Sonnet Ehlers, a South African woman. If an attacker were to attempt vaginal rape, his penis would enter the latex sheath and be snagged by the barbs, causing the attacker excruciating pain during withdrawal and giving the victim time to escape. (more…)

your feminist theories

There won’t be a Revolution until y’all learn how to speak to the roun’ the way girls. ~Anain

Theories are for classrooms not the everyday. If you want to change the world you have to know how to speak to the common woman. If your stilettos have never beat the same pavement her stilettos do you’ll NEVER get her to be part of your revolution. I find that when I get into conversations with some Feminists they instantly jump to classroom lingo which as a common woman really makes me tune out. I don’t want theories preached to me in terms that do not feel like they are part of MY world. (more…)