her name isn’t important…

***This is chapter two of a fictional erotic novella. Read chapter one here.***

Sahara was going to tell you about how she set fire to this woman’s existence without even telling you her name. To Sahara her name isn’t important but you need to know her name before you watch her go up in flames.

Her name is Tiffany. She wasn’t the first woman that Sahara set on fire just for fun she just happens to be the last one. Her story isn’t even the most important one but her circumstances definitely are common ones. If you listen carefully to this story you might see learn something that you weren’t expecting but for that to happen I guess we can’t let Sahara narrate it all?!

My name is Michael and I am the one that tried to burn Sahara down. She might have seared a little but all that our experience did for her was turn her off from men. I shattered her trust by shitting on her honesty. She never fully recovered from what happened between us so she took what she loved most about our experience, she magnified it ten times over and now when she meets women that might benefit from it she pours gasoline on them before striking a match.

twisted and elegant…

***This is a fictional erotic novella.***

I love watching myself in the bathroom mirror as I get out of the shower dripping wet. The first glimpse of me in the mirror is of my thick right thigh as I lift my leg over the tub then I lean forward before stepping firmly on the cold tile so that I can give myself a sly smile. There in the mirror my big full breasts greet me with beads of water sliding off of them down to my absolutely taut tummy. I turn around to look a my perfect round bottom. What do I love most about my body? My full succulent red lips.

I am a beautiful woman but I am much more than my physical perfection. I am twisted and elegant.

Yes. I am! And I am vain. And I am not nice. And I am many things that you really wouldn’t like if you took enough time to really get to know me but this story isn’t about that.

This is about how I use all that I am to gift you a lover that is the vision that you carefully weave with all that you wish you could be. I quickly whisk you away from the sadness that having everything you created suffocates you with and just when you crawl into my mouth for me to devour I violently spit you out. You mean absolutely nothing to me. Nothing.

You are ugly because you don’t know your own truth and I am a divinely twisted elegant beautiful woman because I live my truth. My truth is that if you let me, I will bring a fire into your life that will ravage you open unleashing all the desire, passion and joy that you only dreamed of before my arrival.

You don’t believe me do you? That’s okay it is better if you stay at a distance. Stay right there baby. I don’t want to set your ass on fire. I want to tell you about my last unsuspecting victim and how I had so much fun flipping her world upside down leaving her cold just like I found her.


Oh yes, darling I am a highly feminine woman that seduces women for fun.